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The Baller Alert Show: Episode 145 Featuring Migos

The Baller Alert Show is back with a brand new episode! Rap supergroup Migos joined us for episode 145 to chat about Culture 3, their BET nomination, collaborations and much more.

The episode kicks off with the trio discussing their latest album Culture III, which ironically was released three years after Culture II.

BET Awards

Migos is nominated in the Best Group category at this year’s BET Award. They’ve taken home the trophy 4 years back-to-back.

“We trying to go 5 for 5. Fa sho, fa sho,” said Offset.

Influence on the Culture

When asked about their influence on hip-hop culture today, Migos wittily responded “wildfire,” comparing their flow and style to a wildfire because of how contagious it is. “It’s called the Migos flow,” Rari joked.

Most Lyrical in the Group

The rap group was asked who they thought was the ‘most lyrical’ in the group.

“Migos – it’s one! You can’t divide and conquer cause it’s one,” Offset said.

Fan-Favorite Song from the Album – Birthday

The people wanted to know! Is ‘Birthday’ getting a visual?

And yes! Migos are giving the people what they want.

Importance of DJs

“That’s the foundation, that’s the butter. To have good music, you got to have a good DJ with confidence that this song he’s about to play is about to set the tone for the club — or about to break an artist or break a record that’s about to change the club. So I salute every DJ every time [I] get a chance. I make sure I touch hands with them to say I appreciate you.”

Migos also talked about their Future feature on Culture III. The first time the hip-hop giants collaborated on a track. Tune in to hear the entire interview below.


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