The Baller Alert Show: Episode 147 Featuring Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink

The Baller Alert Show: Episode 147 Featuring Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink

What’s up, yall! The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a new episode – and this episode features special guest, Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink. Su and Rari chopped it up with the entrepreneur about season 9 of Black Ink Crew New York, his new tattoo shops, relationships and more.

The episode kicks off with Incased You Missed It, where Su keeps listeners in the loop about the latest headlining entertainment news and trending topics like: Kodak Black raises eyebrows when he paid ‘tribute’ to Kobe with a photo standing in front of a helicopter laced in Lakers colors. An Ohio man was arrested and charged after he tipped a stripper with fake bucks. Lil Baby was named Song Writer of the Year by ASCAP. Much more news was shared in the complete episode.

Ceaser Interview

Ceaser gives an update on his latest happenings. He reveals he is currently filming the tail end of Black Ink Crew season 9, he’s opening up more shops and working on a clothing line. He also shares that prior to starting Black Ink Crew he turned down reality television. His cousin Teddy, also a cast member of Black Ink Crew convinced him to change his mind.

“Sometimes you need a tool so you can push your success. Sometimes if you try to change the narritave a little bit, it could suite you.”

Ceaser also addresses the hate he received lately on reality tv and in general.

“I’ve been going through stuff since day one on reality tv. And everybody that knows my journey, they know most of the time I come out on top.”

He also addressed recent family drama.

“The only reason why its so big is because it’s me — [when it’s] people in the spotlight, it’s going to be magnified. People go through family drama all the time.”

On romantic relationships and being on T.V.

‘It has its ups and down. I’m happy to be in a relationship, but its a rollercoaster. I’m still learning certain things. She’s still learning certain things. Being with a guy like me I know it’s difficult.”

He also revealed whether he’s be back for season 10 of Black Ink Crew.

“I gotta see how this bag is goin.”


Baller Mail

“Dear Rari, I have the Father In Law from Hell man!  My wife is from an Army family. She works out, 4 days a week, her dad, mom, & siblings all work out crazy. 

Me, I don’t work out! Matter fact, if I tried to lift a weight, I’d probably pass out!  I make a great living in virtual construction engineering. I work from home. My father in law wanted my wife to marry her ex who currently plays for the New England Patriots. He’s always disrespectful calling me a weak man or asking me to get in the gym. My wife thinks it’s funny. But I’m starting to think my in laws have it out for me.

Ceaser chimes in stating, “Homie, you better get in the gym or somebody’s gonna take your chick.”

Tune in to listen to the full episode below:



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