The Baller Alert Show Episode 154: Soulja Boy Talks Viral Hit, Upcoming Dating Show, His "Firsts" and More

The Baller Alert Show Episode 154: Soulja Boy Talks Viral Hit, Upcoming Dating Show, His “Firsts” and More

The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a brand new episode and it’s a good one! Soulja Boy aka Big Draco joins the crew for episode 154.

The show kicks off with the crew chatting it up about Soulja’s viral hit, “She Make It Clap” and how the ladies can’t help but do the TikTok dance every time it comes on. As the interview continues, Rari and Su give Big Draco his “flowers” for the epic Verzuz battle against Bowwow earlier this year and just overall career successes.

“I feel that just been putting in work. You gotta stay down till you come up,” Soulja responded.

When asked if he ever felt like people respected him and gave him his flowers, Soulja Boy humbly replied “I ain’t really been tripping off the public’s opinion.” However, he quickly referred back to his viral Breakfast Club interview and said while on the radio show he was just reminding people what he did for the game.

On Artists He’s Supported Before Their Fame

“I put a lot of artists on. I was the first rapper to rock with a lot of your favorite artists before they was who they was,” he said. “I always like to just reach out. I know what it’s like to be an artist trying to get in the game and being unsigned and wanting somebody to show you love.”

Chief Keef, Lil B, Migos, and Famous Dex are just a few artists he reach out to before their celebrity status, he said.

On the Origins¬† of “Draco” Nickname

He explained his first name is DeAndre. Growing up, people called him Dre. In addition, his middle name is Cortez. “Dre-Co.” However, he explained when he went to jail, he was locked up for having a Draco semi-automatic pistol. Facing 40 years, he beat the case and that’s when everyone started calling him Big Draco.

Relationship Status

He says he’s a single man! However, he revealed he has a new dating show coming in 2022.

Baller Mail

Of course, we had to get Big Draco’s advice on our latest Baller Mail.

“Dear Rari, I’m about to propose to my lady in four weeks. I worked two jobs to pay off this ring, it’s a nice ring. I’m flying her parents in, her brother and two best friends to surprise her. She’s a lot to deal with but she’s worth it. However, she wanted to travel out of town the same weekend I’m proposing. I tried to convince her several times for a different weekend, but she’s being a brat and says she’s going with or without me. We’re not speaking at the moment because she’s mad at me for saying no for that specific weekend. She still has no idea I’m about to propose to her. What should I do?”

“He should just wait,” Big Draco simply put it. Su agreed, however, Rari thinks she’s being a brat. What do y’all think?

On His New Hair

“I was the first rapper to have blonde hair. This ain’t nothing new.”

Future Kids?

Soulja Boy gave us some clarity on a previous tweet from earlier this year, where he asked “Baby Mama where you at?” He said he’s going to get someone pregnant this year.

“I think my Soulja Girl out there. I just ain’t find her yet.”

Any volunteers?

In closing, Big Draco gives us a tour of his home.

Hear and see all this, plus more in the episode below:



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