The Baller Alert Show is back with another episode! On the 176th episode, rap artist, Armani White, known for TikTok viral song, ‘Billie Eilish,’ stopped by to talk about his style, new projects, and the effect social media has on his career.

@FerrariSimmons wasted no time kicking off the show with a voice note from a prison inmate requesting that his girl be miserable with him.

“I feel like you got somebody else, you cheating on me and shit like that. It’s cool though, you feel me? I’m going to let you, do you. Every time I look up, you getting your hair did, every freaking day. Like sit down somewhere, go to sleep or something. But you want to put on clothes every day and shit. I’m depressed, I want you to be depressed with me. If I’m miserable, you supposed to be miserable. But if you don’t want my love, I guess I gotta move on.”

@_SuSolo responded that he needs to “worry about what’s going on in his prison cell.” “Don’t project your issues on me. I’m out here trying to live life. I put money on your books, don’t I?”

The phone lines were opened for callers to share their opinions on the inmate’s thoughts and to share their toxic traits.

Armani White Interview

The conversation kicked off with why Armani was in Atlanta. Besides the weather, he admitted that he was there for the food, to make new music, and to check out the strip clubs.

@SuSolo dived right into his single, Billie Eilish, which already has over 5 million views on YouTube. Armani shared why he named the song after singer and songwriter Billie Eilish.

“I saw a tweet that said, ‘I’m not a fan of Billie Eilish, but I like her just because she dress like the franchise boys’ and I was like yo, that’s hilarious. So when we started picking out samples, I had the record “Nothing” by Noreaga. We had flipped it already. I created that idea, Nore dress like them.” “It was all about the style.”

Speaking of “style,” Armani shared his style and what makes him unique from other Philly artists. Besides wearing a scarf and beads in his hair daily, he said, “I try to remain me, as creative as possible. Give the people an experience. I watched a lot of James Brown and Michael Jackson growing up. I try to see, how can I be the rap version of that? How can I bring them completely into my world?

When asked when his first major project will be dropping, Armani shared that it will drop sometime in the fall.

Social media has played a major role in his career. “A lot of this stuff is prominent from TikTok. I made a TikTok and that went viral then we made a follow-up and that went viral again. It went from like 20,000 to 100,000, and from 15,000 to 300,000.

@SuSolo asked about his creative process in the studio and his choice of alcohol. Armani shared that he doesn’t drink or smoke. He also doesn’t write in the studio.

“I don’t write in the studio. I grew up buying studio time, so I write in the crib. I sit down and get creative as possible. I gotta have cartoons playing and I can’t record with shoes on.”

Armani also shared his top 3 female collabs. His list includes Cardi B, Big Latto, and Janelle Monae.

He ended his interview by sharing one thing that all Philly artist has in common, including Meek Mill and Lil Uzi, “One thing we all got in common, we can rap.”

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert Podcast Show,

I’ve been helping out my cousin for about 4 weeks since he came home from jail. Last week, he asked to use my car to run to the gas station right up the street. He calls me and says my car has been stolen because he left the keys in the car. It’s been 5 days since the incident and I’ve noticed that he has been wearing nicer clothes, having more money with no job. I’m starting to think that he got my car stolen for money. Am I tripping or nah?”

The entire cast shared that he stole her car.

“It is time to let you know that this is a stupid decision. Do not let anybody who gets out of jail come to stay with you. I don’t give a damn who it is. I don’t care who gives you the best sob story you ever heard in your life. The answer was going to be, NO. You need to start acting broke, be out of town or unavailable when things like this proceed to happen.”

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