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This week, guest host Jojo filled in for Su Solo. They hopped right into the latest topics, discussing Tyrese’s mandate to pay $10,690 in child support.

“As he should, that’s Tyrese. He makes a lot of money,” Jojo said.

They stated that his wife wanted him to pay $20,000, but the judge agreed to only $10,690. While Jojo felt the price of the mandate was warranted, the fellas didn’t necessarily agree. They felt the price is only ok if it was a percentage of his income. “It could be justified,” they said.

“No kid needs 10,000. I was raised off $500 a month,” said BT.

Jojo cleared that up, stating that the money doesn’t only go to the child but to other expenses as well.

“See, that’s where people get it confused, you always think that the money is supposed to go straight directly to the kids. It doesn’t work like that. First of all, there are bills that need to be paid, and there’s rent. I have a kid, so I know how it feels,” said Jojo.

The next topic focused on the rumors of Ari’s car being repossessed. Despite dating Moneybagg Yo, who purchased the vehicle, the cast doesn’t understand what could have caused her Lambo to be repossessed.

“I think she just was like, ‘I’m just gone stop paying on it. I don’t want this no more, y’all just come get this shit,” said Jojo.

Jojo also talked about the importance of paying a car note or mortgage and its effects on someone’s credit.

“I thought when Moneybagg bought her the car, it was paid off already,” said Ferrari.

The next discussion became the difference between leasing and owning a car.

“Let’s be honest, maybe he didn’t know how long he was gonna be with Ari,” said Jojo. She continued stating, “I seen her make a tweet saying, ‘I don’t want my Lambo no more.’ Do you think she made that tweet because she knew her shit was about to get took?”

Next, the cast traveled and threw it to Lebron James, who’s on the recent cover of Sports Illustrated with his two sons Bryce and Bronny.

“Lebron definitely gone play with Bronny. He only did a two year deal; that’s gonna be this year and next year. Then he’s gonna be a free agent. He already said who drafts his son, he’s gonna go there,” said Ferrari.

Jojo stirred the pot by stating, “He’s gonna go where ever he wants to go anyway. That’s what he does. He just hops anywhere and try to catch a ring.”

Jojo shared the real reason why she doesn’t like Lebron and called herself a hater.

“First off imma just admit I’m a hater. The reason why I don’t like him is because in high school I was a big D. Wade fan, like die-hard. My basketball number was three. I didn’t want Lebron to go to Miami and take over the team and just take the spotlight from D. Wade,” said Jojo.

Football was the next topic. The cast shared their thoughts on their favorite teams. This topic led to the water crisis in Mississippi.

“This is one of the hottest months of the year, so I already know they hot. Did you see the video of them? ‘They were like we hot.’ They can’t shower, they can’t brush their teeth,” said BT.

Apparently, it was raining, and it started to flood. The flood exacerbated the two main water systems in Mississippi.

The cast discussed P-Valley and Power, sharing their opinions on both television series before hopping into R&B singer Pleasure P getting into a fight during Typhoon weekend.

“They said Pleasure P was getting socked out,” said BT. Jojo responded, “I believe it.”

The cast discussed the viral videos, sharing their glad Pleasure P made it out without being harmed.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

School just started for my kids. My son is in the 4th grade and says the name of his teacher assistant when he came home from school and it sounded familiar. Fast forward a couple of days and I found out it’s my husband’s ex-girlfriend from college. I’m only concerned because we do not like each other. It’s only on-site because we both dated another dude at the same time, but my husband is just her ex and she don’t like me and I don’t like her. To make things even worse, my husband said he knew a few days ago because she told him through DM via Instagram. Our kids are in private school and I’m trying not to catch a case. So someone please talk me down. What do y’all think?”

“The first thing is, why the F*** your husband didn’t tell you? That’s the first thing,” said Jojo. She continued, “Number 2, that’s some petty a** sh**. We talking about a child’s education here and you talking about on-site?”

“I just think they need to grow the hell up. How is two grown-ass people talking about boxing? And yall got private school so obviously, yall got a lil money. Just grow up,” said BT.

“You really stole that girl man, you talking about its on-site, it’s really on-site when she sees your ass!” said Ferrari.

The entire cast agreed that she should grow up and deal with her husband.

This conversation led to the cast discussing Delvantae King’s use of foul language toward kids for bullying his daughter.

“Leave people’s kids alone,” said Ferrari.

The entire cast agreed that they hope they never have to experience this but agreed that they would have handled Delvantae accordingly after speaking to their child in a disrespectful manner.

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