The Baller Alert Show: Ep: 203 -The Cast Is Joined By Slutty Vegan's Pinky Cole
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The Baller Alert Show is back with another episode! On the 178th episode, the cast discussed Queen Elizabeth’s death, violence in Memphis, updates on tennis, Chrisean Rock and Blueface, and Baller Mail. 

“This is really sad to all the people who really love her. Honestly, it’s very crazy. Condolences to her loved ones. She has a lot of supporters around the world, so many people love what she contributed to society,” said Su Solo.

She continued by stating, I’m one of those people that’s on the other side of the fence. I would like to see all of the stolen gold from Africa and artifacts returned.

The cast speculated that maybe Jason Lee with Hollywood Unlocked was right after announcing that the queen died months ago. 

The next subject focused on the violence in Memphis. 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly went on a killing spree, gunning down his friend and six other people. ” You can tell that he was actually on that he was actually on some drugs,” said BT.

The cast questioned if the shooter began killing people at 4 in the afternoon, “Why did it take all the way until like 9 p.m. for him to be in custody?

The cast then segued into the billionaire heiress who was kidnapped and killed. 

34-year-old Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and killed while jogging. The offender is now being held without bond on a murder charge. 

“It seems like he targets these really wealthy or affluent people.”

The cast shared that it isn’t the first time he was arrested for a similar situation. He was previously arrested for holding a politician’s child for ransom.

“It seems like he is really institutionalized. Seems like he wanted to go back,” said CT.

“I would like to take it to a positive note,” said Ferrari.

Frances Tiafoe becomes the first black man to reach U.S open semifinals since Arthur Ashe.

“He has very humble beginnings. His family came here in the ’90s from Sierra Leone. His whole family was staying out of the offices his father used to clean. I hope to see him Sunday at the finals.

The cast also congratulated Serena Williams on her last and final game.

They jumped into an impromptu story that discusses “What a man requires from a woman” and “Can a man be a provider with a woman who does nothing?”

The guys of the podcast shared how they would handle the situation.

Love Vs. Money

Chrisean Rock and Blueface became the topic of debate. Are the two together for love or the money?

“I just think Bluefaceis there for the entertainment. Now shawty, she is in love with that man. From the way that she punched him and connected. I said Damn, she really got her feelings involved.”

Baller Mail

Dear Baller Alert,

My wife and I have been together for thirteen years and just yesterday she admitted that she almost slept with another man on a girl’s trip ten years ago. Now, I’m not the smartest man on the planet. But I’m not sure if I believe she almost slept with another man. She was better off not telling me or better off telling me that she slept with the person. Man, I don’t know how to navigate through this. I’m sure she’ll know what’s up because we both listen to y’all podcasts. 

“Ain’t no such thing of almost sleeping with somebody; what she is trying to tell you is that he probably put the tip in,” said BT.

“To answer your question sir, you need to get over it. People have sex with other people all the time. She said almost, be happy,” said Su Solo.

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