The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a brand new episode this week! Episode 180 covers several topics, including Steph Curry’s billion-dollar deal with Under Armor, Whitney Houston’s new movie, and Cardi B’s donation to her old school. 

The cast kicked the show off by congratulating Steph Curry on his deal with Under Armour. 

“Reportedly, the deal will secure the future of the NBA star for a lifetime,” said Ferrari.

“This just made me mad. Every time I hear something like this, I think I picked the wrong career,” said BT

The cast admitted that Steph Curry is “The best shooter of all time.”

R. Kelly became the next topic of conversation after the R&B singer was found guilty on child pornography charges but acquitted of trial fixing charges and the conspiracy to obstruct justice charge.

“Are we supposed,” said O.C.T.

The cast shared that R. Kelly has other charges pending in other states.

“We are going to count them down. I hope he never gets out,” said Ferrari.

A Florida Chik-fil-A man stopped a woman and a child from being carjacked. Insinuating that Chik-fil-A hires great employees, Ferrari questioned their hiring process.

“I wonder what’s the process of working at Chik-fil-A,” said Ferrari.

The trailer and release for Witney Houston’s biopic, “I Want To Dance With Somebody,” became the next topic of debate as O.C.T. shared her frustrations with another Whitney Houston movie.

“I’m exhausted with every somebody who keep making Whitney Houston movies. How many times? All of her secrets have been revealed. What else can we learn?” said O.C.T.

Ferrari shared that Pat Houston and Clive Davis will be the film’s producers. He also shared that on behalf of the Houston estate, the film will have rights to use all of her music, which is something no other biopic was able to do.

B2K and Omarion were almost skipped as the cast shared that they were tired of the R&B male group arguing. Omarion recently took to the Breakfast Club, where he shared insight on his relationship as he forgives his fellow bandmates.

“He’s talking about everything we already know. We know that y’all don’t like each other,” said BT. He continued, “I want them all to sit in one room and have this discussion.”

In true Baller Alert fashion, the cast shouted out Cardi B for donating $100K to her old school.

“Where do you want to be in a couple of years from now? When you’re 14, when you’re 15, when you’re 18 and 21? Make sure you think about long term,” said Cardi.

Love VS. Money

On this episode, the cast chose Ciara and Russell Wilson to decide if the two are in love or if they are in it for the money.

“I’m gonna say I believe that it is love,” said BT. “When you see how she looks at him and how they look at each other. It’s no way to fake that.”

“I think she is there for the money and the security,” said Ferrari.

He compared her relationship with Russell Wilson to the sex she had with Future.

Baller Mail

“Hey Rarri & Baller Alert,

I’m in love with two men. I caught my ex cheating when the city was shut down in 2020 because of covid. He was dealing with me and his co-worker at his job. I was pregnant but lost the baby before I caught him cheating on me. I still love him, but I will never trust him. The problem is I work with him too, so I see him every day. He is so attractive. The new thing is I’m currently in a relationship with a great guy and I love it here. The only issue with him is the bedroom. I hate it there. I wish I can swap my ex’s sex game with my new man. The sex is just trash, but everything else is perfect. It has me missing my ex and his body and his sex. What should I do?”

“I feel like she should communicate with her new boyfriend and tell him how she likes it in the bed. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for women to lead with directions on how they like it in the bed. Because a man gonna tell you, yea do it like this, do it like that.”

“I got two things for you. You probably should break up with him. 

“Either break up with him or go to the sex store and get you a rose and go to work and just satisfy yourself in other ways.” He continued saying, “I don’t think you need to leave that guy for the guy who cheated on you with your co-worker. That is toxic,” said Ferrari.

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