The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a brand new episode! On episode 181, the cast talks about Biden’s announcement of the sending of the pandemic, The Woman King, Tory Lanez Vs. August Alsina, and Diddy and Caresha (Love Vs. Money).

“Biden says the pandemic is over, do you think it’s over? Because I know somebody who got covid right now,” said OCT.

Su Solo explained that Biden isn’t necessarily saying that Covid is over, but the pandemic is over. BT argued that people are still broke. He said, “When the PPP went out, that’s when the pandemic really hit.”

After sharing their beliefs on if President Biden really exists or not, the cast touched on Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. 

“That was the longest funeral ever,” said OCT. 

During the funeral, a guard passed out. Bt shared, “He was standing up too straight for so long, you gotta bend your knees a little bit and let your blood circulate.”

“How do y’all really feel?” asked OCT. Su Solo responded, “The funeral took ten days, but it only takes two days to return the jewelry back to Africa,” implying that the royal family had stolen jewelry from Africa.

For those who don’t know, Queen Elizabeth held one of the largest clear-cut diamonds from South Africa and it was on her scepter. 

Shout-outs were given to Viola Davis as her new film, The Woman King reached over 19 million at the box office over the weekend.

“We just gotta keep supporting man. The more we support these types of movies, the more of these types of movies will be made for black actors and black entertainers to be in big projects,” said BT.

The cast continued in conversation regarding black people supporting each other, giving caucasian brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton the black dollar. They discussed the rise of black brands, including Teflar, which Beyonce endorses and mentions on her latest album, RENAISSANCE.

The next topic of discussion was the black majorette team created at USC, a predominately white institution. 

“The black culture was upset about it,” said OCT. She continued, “Why not let this young lady shine at a PWI?”

“Speaking of black people showing up for black people, we need to all come out for the little mermaid,” said OCT.

The cast agreed they would all show up for The Little Mermaid and The Black Panther.

The cast switched gears and jumped into the feud between Tory Lanez and August Alsina. 

According to the cast, Tory tried to shake August’s hand, and August looked at him like he didn’t know who he was,” said Su Solo. OCT included, “I don’t mess with you because I heard you were talking about me along with the world when I was messing with Jada, so keep that same energy when you see me.”

The cast shared their opinions on the viral video and audio that leaked. They also spoke about Tory’s anger, Tory and Megan Thee Stallions’ case, and how it can affect their case.

The cast then discussed Erica Banks comments that went viral from a video on her close friends. Erica Banks shared that she only wants certain girls who dress and looks a certain way.

The cast shared that they agree that what Erica says is true about the club scene and club life.

“I have seen more women who are focused on the look than they are on her personal life,” said Su Solo.

Love Vs. Money

Yung Miami and Diddy became the topic of discussion as the cast 

debated if the two were together for the love or the money.

“Diddy is with Caresha for the love of the pussy, gotta be specific,” said Jojo. Jojo claims that Caresha is in love with the money and Diddy.

BT claims that it’s all business.

“I think he just enjoys women. I think he needs multiple women. I think he cares for her and I think that the business is great as well,” said Su Solo. 

“I feel like it’s always business with Diddy and it’s business with Caresha as well,” said OCT.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

Been in a relationship for about two months but as a young man in my mid-twenties, I am not able to afford this relationship. I can see myself having a long-term relationship with this woman. But she is a real woman who requires TLC and a mandatory budget, eating out, date nights and Etc. I simply can not afford to date her at this moment. What should I do?”

“Abort, tell her what it is. ‘Say hey, I find that I care about you and that I want to do these things for you but I am actually unable to do them. I feel that I am holding us back. Because I can’t be the man for you, I’m gonna fall back and get my shit together,” said Su Solo.

BT said, “You gotta date what you can afford.”

The cast agreed that people should, “Date in their budget.”

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