The Baller Alert Show – Episode 55 Recap 

The Baller Alert Show, featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 55th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.

In case you missed it, the hosts discussed the two biggest headlines in pop culture and politics, Donald Trump and R. Kelly. 

In regards to Trump, the hosts opened up about the government shutdown over his demand for the border wall and detailed how it’s affected government employees. From there, the three transitioned to the discussion of R. Kelly, in the wake of the damning Lifetime docu-series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” which detailed the singer’s alleged history of mental, emotional and sexual abuse and manipulation. 

“If it was white girls, do you know they’d be under the jail right now,” Burns said of the Kelly controversy, adding, “It is because they’re black girls because if this were white girls and a black man doing it, it’d be hell to pay.” 

 As the episode continued, the hosts congratulated Chis Brown on his deal with RCA, which landed him among the youngest artists ever to own his masters. From there, the three discussed Madonna’s new booty, which went viral over the holidays. In fact, during the episode, Simmons dissected Madonna’s new look and concluded it had a “surgical feel.” Do you agree?

On a more serious note, Burns opened up about the murder of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes and Shaun King’s valiant effort to find the shooters. However, in his discussion, he also linked the murder to a recent statement by a Tennessee judge, who made headlines over his statement about black on black crime. 

“I grew up in a time where people wore white robes, and they shot at black people, and now we see young black men wearing black hoodies shooting at black men,” the judge said, adding that they’re more effective than the KKK. 

While some were offended over the judge’s statement, the hosts agreed and expressed their concern for the violence in the community. 

As the episode continued, Simmons shared this week’s Baller Mail about the life after 30, before Solo read this week’s comment creepin’ featuring Lil Mo, who condemned the victims of the Surviving R.Kelly documentary. 

To end the episode, Kenfucious shared a few words of wisdom.

Check out the full episode below:

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