The Baller Alert Show – Episode 57 Recap

The Baller Alert Show, featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 57th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.

In case you missed it, the hosts discussed the new criminal justice reform organization, “REFORM,” created by Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Michael Rubin and more, to help reduce the number of people serving unjust parole and probation sentences. Amid the conversation, Burns likened Meek’s criminal history and subsequent catapult to the forefront of criminal reform to that of Jay-Z’s journey. 

“Jay hit a corner after the stabbing with Un,” Burns said, as he recalled a similar turning point for Hov. “That was like a moment for Jay, you know, ‘I gotta really watch who I’m around, I gotta really focus on what’s going on.’” 

Next, the hosts discussed DMX’s recent release and hoped for a positive progression before they opened up the discussion about the alleged rape at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta. 

“Just so everyone understands the severity of what’s it’s like to be a victim and not only be a victim but to hear the ridicule of people online telling you, ‘You shouldn’t have been twerking,’ ‘You shouldn’t have been wearing a dress,’ ‘You shouldn’t have had your titties out’ a woman can wear whatever the hell she wants to wear,” Solo said. “She has the right to play with fashion, make up. She has the right to dance, celebrate her birthday. She has the right to drunk, if she accidentally gets too drunk, that’s never a means for ‘rape me.’” 

As Solo continued, she opened up about Jasmine Eiland’s mental state in the aftermath, and shared that she’s been involved in a rally every Friday outside of the club in which it allegedly occurred. 

In the next segment, Simmons read this week’s Baller Mail, which focused on the ways to confirm you’re enabling a womanizer. After that, Solo shared this week’s comment creepin, which featured an intense conversation between Terry Crews and DL Hughley over Crews’ allegations of sexual assault against his attacker, Adam Venit. 

Finally, to wrap the episode Kenfucious shared a few words of wisdom, saying, “If you are not happy in your heart, today, how do you expect to be happy in the future?”

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