The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 279 -- FRIDAYY Talks Working With DJ Khaled, Jay Z Fighting to Keep Him On 'God Did,' New Money & More

The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 279 — FRIDAYY Talks Working With DJ Khaled, Jay Z Fighting to Keep Him On ‘God Did,’ New Money & More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, FRIDAYY joins the cast to talk about working with DJ Khaled, support from Jay Z, new money and more.

OCT kicked off the interview by asking FRIDAYY where his emotional sound comes from. He shared that, “It comes from Church,” said FRIDAYY.

“It’s so much emotion coming from a Haitian church. How they sing and how they talk and pray. My parents came from Haiti,” said FRIDAYY.

“What was it like growing up in Philly?” asked Ferrari.

“I grew up in the trenches. It was rough, but I stayed out of the way. I always knew what I wanted to be,” said FRIDAYY.

“Can you tell a brief story about how you got into the industry?” asked OCT.

“Me and my cousin and my brother went to LA. We paid like two months’ rent. We had like $2000 left and said, let’s see what happens,” said FRIDAYY.

“What happened after month two?” asked Ferrari.

FRIDAYY shared that they stayed an extra two months behind on rent.

After going to Revolt Summit in LA, FRIDAYY shared that he met someone in the industry and his manager.

“How was it when you first heard God Did? It was crazy, I started crying. Before that song, I was a nobody,” said FRIDAYY.

He shared that Jay Z fought for him to stay on the record.

“Where are you mentally when all of this is happening?” asked Ferrari.

“I’m a different guy. I be chilling bro,” said FRIDAYY. “Non of this shit really gets to my head.”

“What was some of the advice that they were giving you?” asked OCT.

“Khaled probably gave me the most advice.” He said, ” Don’t be scared with this shit,” said FRIDAYY.

OCT asked FRIDAYY what he looks for in a woman.

“I Look for a woman who can understand what I got going on,” said FRIDAYY.

“What’s your dream collab?” asked Ferrari.

“Drake and Tems,” said FRIDAYY.

OCT asked if FRIDAYY liked the feedback following the release of his new set entitled album.

He responded, “It’s doing more than I expected. I was thinking about the music. I just wanted to get the music out. The music is more significant than me. The music is moving. That’s what I’m more proud of,’ said FRIDAYY.

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