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The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 271- Ivory Scott Talks Writing for Madonna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, & Starting His Career w/ 20 Placements

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show. On this episode, Ivory Scott talks about Madonna, Chris Brown, Beyonce and starting his career with 20 placements.

“As you know, I’m a songwriter. I’ve written for Ed Sheeran, Lil Durk, Chris Brown, Madonna and Beyoncé. I’m just transitioning into being an artist and putting out my own records,” said Ivory Scott.

“Where are you from?” asked Ferrari.

“I’m from Chicago, grew up in the trenches. I started writing because my dad used to make me use the dictionary. He used to make me learn like 20 words. I started writing songs when I was 10,” said Ivory Scott.

Ivory Scott shared that he looked up to big names like The Dream, Neyo and R. Kelly.

“What was that moment that struck you to write your first song?” asked BT.

“I played football in high school, and what I used to do was go see a guy named Mark Pratt, and he would let the football team come and make music. Coming up was a real struggle, and music was my outlet from that,” said Ivory Scott.

“What’s your first big placement?” asked BT.

“I probably had like 20 songs come out the week I first started getting popping,” said Ivory Scott.

“How did you get interest from your publishing company before being signed?” asked OCT.

“I met Ray Daniels. I had a meeting with Ray before, and he said if you work on our hooks, you’d be the greatest songwriter,” said Ivory Scott.

He shared that he didn’t take that no as an answer. Instead, he went and worked and reinvented himself before meeting with Ray again. This time, Ray wrote him a check for $20,000.

Ivory Scott discussed the importance of financial literacy.

“That’s really what people are lacking. People who do music most of the time come from poverty. We are not taught about credit or the importance of taking care of your money and handling your business. Paying your bills first, then getting the new drip,” said Ivory Scott.

Ivory Scott shared his first placements.

“Some of the songs were Trippy Red, Peru was one of those songs, we did Baddest in San Francisco. It was just kind of all over the place. Madonna, Beyonce,” shared Ivory Scott. “You can be getting placements but still be broke.”

“What was that big check,” asked OCT.

“I saw the first check from Peru. I was like, we good,” said Ivory Scott.

“Where did you go after that check?” asked OCT.

“I basically moved my whole family out here,” said Ivory Scott.

“What made you decide to be an artist,” asked Ferrari.

“I always considered myself an artist. I always knew I was going to run it up as a songwriter. Get hot. Get people to know my music, then introduce them to me,” said Ivory Scott.

“Most artists champion me,” said Ivory Scott.

“What’s been the most challenging part about transitioning from writer to artist?” asked BT.

“The only tough thing is allocating time from when I’m rapping into who I am and from when I’m writing for an artist,” said Ivory Scott.

Ivory Scott shared that when he’s writing for an artist, he has to do research.

“Basically, I stalk their Instagram captions. I see what they are talking about. I see what they’re interested in. Imma stalk it,” said Ivory Scott.

“What new record do you have out?” asked BT.

“I have my single with Eric Berlinger. It did 2 million the first week,” said Ivory Scott.

Are you signed?” asked OCT.

“I did my artist deal with Monarch,” said Ivory Scott.

“Who are some of your mentors?” asked BT.

“I’m not going to lie; the word of God guides me. I don’t have a lot of people I can look up to. But people like Denzel, Will Smith, Kendrick Lamar. I see how they are moving and I know I have to bring the energy.” said Ivory Scott.

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