The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 289- Mariah The Scientist Talks Million Dollar Record Deal, Industry Secrets, Young Thug, Marriage & More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show. On this episode, the cast is joined by Mariah The Scientist, to discuss million dollar record deal, industry secrets, Young Thug & marriage.

“Where is Mariah The Scientist from?” asked Ferrari.

“I started in the Swatts, and then we moved to the East Side,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“So, did you grow up wanting to be a scientist?” asked OCT.

“I wanted to be a doctor in the medical field,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“Is that your name, Mariah? Where did the Scientist come from?” asked Ferrari.

“I went to school for Biology,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“When you first popped on the scene, don’t judge me, I thought you were a scientist who became a singer,” said BT.

“Can we discuss the music part? Where did the singing come in?” said Ferrari.

“I always liked music. In elementary school, there was a chorus, and I remember I wanted to be more involved in it. When I got to college, I wrote a song for this guy. It was a diss song,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“It was a lovey dove song. I don’t really have exes, so I tried to delete this version of the story,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“I started getting these calls from a guy named Chubby,” said Mariah The Scientist. Eventually I met Tory Lanez and he was like, ‘I don’t think you should sign to a label.”

“Why did you drop out of college?” asked Ferrari.

“I had a scholarship for undergrad, but they don’t give scholarships for medical school. I started weighing the odds and I was like I don’t know about this. I left for Easter break and left all of my stuff in the dorm,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How did your deal come about?” asked OCT.

“I ended up going with RCA because it seemed like they had a diverse staff,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What did they offer you that stood out the most?” asked OCT.

“I said I want to own my masters and I want a million dollars,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“In the beginning, it’s like ‘we believe in you, and we like you just as you are, then you sign, and they want you to do this, this and that,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“I was a movie director at a previous radio station. Your single with Lil Baby came across my desk. How did that feature come about?” asked Ferrari.

“So there’s this producer named Earl On the Beat, and he let me hear it. Immediately when I heard it I thought Lil Baby would go crazy on that song in particular,” said Mariah The Scientist.

She shared that she asked Tory Lanez to reach out to Lil Baby to do the feature.

“He gave me my first gold record,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“Now that you are in a relationship with somebody pretty big, how does that affect your personal life?” asked Ferrari.

“That is my personal life. I put a lot of priority on my relationship because that’s important to me. I want to be married. I want a family so I prioritize that,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How is it getting with a man who already has children?” asked OCT.

“Before him, I always said I would never date a man with kids. But I didn’t meet him with the intention of dating him,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How are you able to maintain a strong relationship with him now?” asked OCT.

“We talk a lot, which I’m grateful for because when he first got locked up, it wasn’t like that. They had him on a strict schedule,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How did you guys meet?” asked BT.

“I messaged him a long time ago and said Happy Birthday. He didn’t see that, then he messaged me and asked me was I signed. I honestly thought he was trying to do some business,” said Mariah the Scientist.

Maybe that was naive. Eventually, I made a song I wanted him on and he said when I get back to Atlanta, ‘Pull up on me,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What do we have coming up right now?” asked Ferrari.

“I put out a new project. Some songs on there are pretty old, like 4 years old. Some songs on there are new, as in 4 months old,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“Your creativity is so good. The production of your records,” said Ferrari.

“How much are you a part of that process?” asked OCT.

“I am overly a part of it and I am a control freak when it comes to my art,” said Mariah the Scientist. “In the beginning, I was always getting my beats off YouTube.”

“Where did Young Thug take you for your first date?” asked OCT.

“It’s a place called Arnettes. In Sandy Springs. That was our first one-on-one date,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What’s your favorite song on the project?” asked OCT.

“I don’t have a favorite. I love them all,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“So what are the fan favorites?” asked BT.

“They’ve been saying that they really like Different Pages and Love Sick. I know they like Ride with Thug,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“I know it’s gotta be tough for you dealing with that. How do you cope?” asked Ferrari.

“In the beginning, I was way more sensitive about it. I was like crying all the time. I was just a hot mess,” said Mariah The Scientist.

Mariah The Scientist shared that she has turned into a workaholic following Young Thug’s arrest.

“Do you think that marriage is the next step for you and Young Thug?” asked Ferrari.

“Yeah, I don’t think either of us wants a jail wedding, but he for sure wants to get married, and I for sure want to get married,” said Mariah The Scientist.

I don’t know about y’all, but when I listen to R&B, I want to listen to sad songs,” said BT.”

“What does R&B mean to you?” asked Mariah The Scientist.

“R&B is soothing for somebody who can sing. I think it’s more of a beautiful experience,” said Ferrari.

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