The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 270 - Nikki Natural Talks Trick Daddy, Beef With Trina & Polyamorous Relationships

The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 270 – Nikki Natural Talks Trick Daddy, Beef With Trina & Polyamorous Relationships

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, the cast is joined by Nikki Natural to discuss beef with Trina, polyamorous relationships and sex with Trick Daddy.

 Jay Z hires top lawyers to defend a Wisconsin man who was wrongfully and violently arrested.

“Shout out to HOV. He’s doing a lot of positive things in these streets,” said BT.

“Jermelle English was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after cops were investigating a hit and run. They pepper sprayed him and tackled him to the ground,” said Ferrari.

“50 Cent throws a broken mic into the crowd, and it accidentally hit a woman in the head,” said OCT.

“It was a whole dent in her head,” said Ferrari.

“He’s now a suspect of batter,” said OCT.

 Love Vs. Money

On this episode of Love Vs. Money, the cast discussed whether Lil Scrappy and Diamond are together for love or for money.

“If they are back together allegedly, this is for love,” said Ferrari.

“I disagree, I think this is a business transaction,” said BT.

Keep It a Stack

Has anybody ever had to mourn the loss of a relationship? Keep it a stack. This comes from Devon Franklin, who said he had to mourn after their marriage.

“Anybody would have to mourn after losing Megan Good. I think taking time away from dating,” said BT.

“All my exes love me, and they miss me,” said Nikki Natural.

Nikki Natural

“So, where is Nikki Natural from?” asked Ferrari.

“Nikki Natural is from the bottom of the map. Dade County. 305 until I die,” said Nikki Natural.

“So tell us about Nikki Natural, the mom,” said OCT.

Nikki Natural shared that she’s a mom of all boys.

“I got three boys. I fuck with this because I’m a tomboy. I don’t know how to do hair like I’m a nigga,” said Nikki Natural.

 “I heard about you first on Love & Hip Hop Miami,” said Ferrari. “So how did you get on Love & Hip hop asked OCT.

“I was hooked up with Trick Daddy by Khaotic. Me and Trick never got to our sexual intercourse. Not because of his looks, when we started filming Love & Hip Hop, it was too soon,” said Nikki Natural.

“They did a lot of bringing us down. I thought they would bring me up,” said Nikki Natural.

Nikki Natural shared that her issue with Trina arose when four women jumped her.

“They don’t like me because I’m pretty and intelligent and that bitch.

 It’s cool, and I wish them the best,” said Nikki Natural.

Nikki Natural also shared that she signed a new record label.

“I love black men. I’m okay admitting that I do worship black men over black women,” said Nikki Natural.

She admitted to being open to polyamorous relationships.

“So what kind of man and woman do you like? asked OCT.

“I need a woman that’s there doing all the maid shit.

“And what is the man going to do,” asked OCT.

“Oh, he going to eat,” shared Nikki Natural.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

My man’s ex from over a year ago bashes him on social media. She says she was cheated on multiple times. Meanwhile, he’s a complete gentleman to me. Should I bring this up as a concern, or is this none of our business since we don’t have any of these problems in our relationship?”

“Whatever happened in a past relationship has nothing to do with the present,” said Nikki Natural.

“I agree,” said Ferrari.

“People change all the time; people change every day, in my opinion,” said BT.


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