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The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 285 — Rick Ross and Meek Mill Talk Joint Album, Meek Changing His Lifestyle, Ross Weight Loss & More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of the Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, the cast is joined by Meek Mill and Rick Ross to discuss Meek Mill’s health, Ross’s weight loss and more.

“What day is the album dropping? Why not 11:11?” asked Ferrari.

“You know, I ain’t into that,” said Rick Ross.

“I like to see you two doing promo together at a time when artists of your stature don’t have to do that. You all can just drop music. Was that something you guys sat down and talked about?” asked Ferrari.

“I’m going to be honest with you; that’s my essence,” said Rick Ross. “Coming in, you wanted to be a part of the media. That’s something that I want to do.”

“Whose idea was it for y’all to do a joint project,” asked Ferrari.

“I would say both,” said Meek Mill. We were just in the studio Vibing. It’s one of those things where we had the space and the time. This shit just came up, and we said, let’s do this shit,” said Rick Ross.

“Honestly, I think people love seeing y’all together,” said BT.
“We’re used to what you bring and what you bring. What is it going to be like for this project?” asked OCT.

“Honestly, a great way to express it is, it’s a balance. We got that vibe where Meek was shooting off before the beat came on. We also collaborated with ATL Jacob with heavy bottoms.

I can’t wait for November tenth,” said Rick Ross.

“Can you talk about your growth and everything you’ve endured? I hear you talk now with so much clarity,” said Ferrari.

“You’re not sure. You’re a young artist. You’re just a young nigga with a dream. You don’t know if this shit gone work. You know you got everyday I’m hustling. I’m just a new artist with a big record. We kept working. We didn’t get comfortable,” said Rick Ross.

MeekMill and Rick Ross both shared that they care more about having the respect of the streets when it comes to their music rather than selling records.

“You never had a number one record?” asked BT.

“I don’t know. I never checked,” said Rick Ross.

“You’re slimmer now. You got the braids back,” said Ferrari.

“I ain’t get slim on purpose. I started smoking a lot of weed. I never smoked since I was 18 years old. When I started drinking liquor, it really was soffit. I started smoking lean and percs,” said Meek Mill. “I had to find a balance with my health.”

“Speaking of lifestyle, Rick Ross, you have a routine now. Because you have definitely slimmed down, what are some of the things that you do?” asked OCT.

“I’m eating a little better. I’m exercising more. I’m more consistent with it. It’s more of a lifestyle now,” said Rick Ross.

“I’ve always respected you guys’ relationship. Can you describe your relationship?” said Ferrari.

“Ross came and met me in traffic and believed my vision. I met him at a radio station. Ross gave me his number. Our relationship is that. A business partner. We’ve been getting money ever since,” said Meek Mill.

“Ross, I want you to describe your relationship with Meek. What did you see in this young kid?” asked Ferrari.

“When he came up to the radio station, nigga had bars, and he was ready,” said Ross.

“Ross, you said you wanted to sign Kanye. Would you still like to sign him?” asked BT.

“I’d love to collaborate with Kanye. It’s about a collaboration thing. I understand Ye. I understand his vision. I know what he’s going through,” said Rick Ross.

“How long did it take for this album?” asked Ferrari.

“Maybe three months,” said Ross.

What else do you guys have going on?

“Shout out to Dave’s Cheesesteaks. He just let me partner in. We are both from Philly and surpassed a certain level, and I trust him too,” said Meek Mill.

“We doing a lot of different things,” said Ross.

How do you guys feel about going viral?

“I ain’t trying to hide my life. If I can laugh with my family, I can laugh with the people too,” said Meek Mill. “I don’t want to look perfect.”

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