The Carters Gift Reese Witherspoon A Case Of Champagne After Golden Globes Moment

The Carters are moving on from lemonade to champagne. The couple gifted actress #ReeseWitherspoon a case of Armand de Brignac after a Golden Globes incident.

On Thursday, Witherspoon, 43, took to Instagram to thank #Beyonce and #JayZ after she received a case full of champagne from the couple. In the post, Witherspoon wrote, “Y’all! Came home to the best surprise from Beyonce and Jay-Z.” The box was sent with a note from the iconic couple, which read, “More water from Jay and B.”

The gesture comes after Golden Globes night when Witherspoon’s table ran out of water. Witherspoon asked Bey and Jay if they could have some of the champagne that the Carters brought to the ceremony. In the video, Witherspoon is with her mother as she pops open the champagne to celebrate. “It’s 11:30. We’re drinking champagne,” the star says with a laugh. “Who cares? It’s from JAY-Z and Beyoncé.” “It’s really good,” she says after taking a sip from a champagne glass. “It’s a good way to start the new year.”

The Globes took place this past Sunday, and Witherspoon was seated along with her “The Morning Show” co-star #JenniferAniston. The two captured a picture of themselves enjoying the champagne they were offered. In the caption, Aniston wrote, “Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you,” Aniston, 50, wrote. “We ran out of water at our table, so naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyonce for a glass of their champagne.”

The champagne itself is merely another one of the couple’s many bags. Jay-Z bought Armand de Brignac back in 2014; the drink is also known as “Ace of Spades.” You might also remember Beyoncé showing off the company in her “Feeling Myself” music video when she poured a $20,000 bottle into the hot tub.

Jay-z and beyonce send to Reese Jay-z and beyonce send to Reese

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