According To The CDC, The Coronavirus Can’t Be Spread Through Food Contamination, Even If A Restaurant Worker Sneezes On Your Food

As the nation continues to adjust to life amidst the #coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been keeping the nation updated with safety regulations to remain healthy.

One of the latest updates from the CDC is that COVID-19 cannot be spread through food.

While restaurants are closed for dine-in indefinitely, many restaurants remain open for business through carryout or food delivery services options.

However, many people have been afraid to order take out from anywhere, in fear of potentially catching the coronavirus from restaurant employees who may have been exposed to the virus unknowingly and are still working.

But now, the CDC has come forth to let people know that the spread of the coronavirus through food isn’t possible.

As of now, the CDC has found no evidence to support the spread of the virus through food and is likely “effectively impossible,” Bossip reports.

Food safety specialist from North Carolina State University Ben Chapman went further into detail on this topic, stating, “Even if a worker sneezes directly into a bowl of raw salad greens before packing it in a take-out container for you to take home, as gross as it is, it’s unlikely to get you sick.”

Business Insider also investigated this idea further.

“The transmission is through the respiratory epithelium in your nose, mouth, and eyes. It’s unlikely to be transmitted in the food, more likely on hands while holding food packaging,” said emergency physician as well as director of global health for Northwell Health Dr. Eric Cioe-Pena.

Expert Jaimie Meyer, Yale Medicine infectious disease specialist, also agreed with this theory, adding that to date, there has been no evidence to prove food-borne transmission to be a possible route of entry for the coronavirus.

According to Meyer, a primary mode of transmission for the coronavirus is “person to person is through direct inhalation of droplets.”

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