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The Dream stopped by @937TheBeat in Houston with @DeviDev and @DJMrRogers  to deliver an exclusive sneak peek at his upcoming project , Crown Jewel. While in the iHeart Radio Theatre, The Dream gave attendees a little more than they bargained for with insight and four hot joints that are essential to a music junkie’s rotation. Behind The Beat is an exclusive event that allows attendees (and/or listeners)   the opportunity to get a more personal glimpse into the world of entertainers. There is always great insight and fun times.

There were no bars held with The Dream. When a listener asked if he has ever made love to his own music, we found out that he does, but it’s the instrumental and he likes to sing his vocals live (hmmmmm).  The Dream gave great advice to aspiring artists citing that they should stay clear of Instagram and build their music from the ground up. Terius even weighed in on TIDAL calling it “brilliant” and believes it is more than a streaming service.  He believes the industry is about 14 years behind and often wonders why the industry itself hadn’t created an iTunes.  With his creative process, The Dream prefers the paperless route as it preserves the emotion. Attendees were shocked to know that it took him only 8 minutes for “Umbrella”- yes the single where we meet the good girl that went bad. My favorite piece of introspection was the question about his legacy. The Dream wants to be remembered for his generosity. His mother passed away in 1992 and was unable to see the things he has been blessed to witness. He wants to be remembered for giving perspective to those who don’t have the opportunity.

During the Q&A, The Dream previewed four hot tracks off of his new project, Crown Jewel. This is a more personal album.  The four songs definitely had a progressive tone. In true Dream fashion, he hit attendees with two ratchet songs that are guaranteed to have the most reserved girl face down and a** up. “ Cedes Benz”  has a vulgar baseline  and rebellious snares. It is ratchet perfection. When the tempo slows down to that dope boy rhythm , the keyboards become persuasive and it’s all over, but the shouting. “Throwing Ass” ( I didn’t get the exact title) is twerkers paradise. The base requires you to lose all inhibitions . “Shorty that killa… beat my chest like gorilla”.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are the songs “All I Need” and “ Black Magic” ( I believe that is the title) . “All I Need” has sensual strings and angelic chords that make it the perfect feel good record. The latter song is beautiful. It has that classic feel that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album gave The Beatle’s fans.

With April 14th being the release of a six-song EP ( the full project will be released in the summer),  I am super excited about what is in store. 




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