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Baller Alert stays ahead of the curve , right? We keep you up-to-date with all things exclusive, so it would only be fair that we introduce you to The Exclusives!  If you aren’t familiar with the duo, these two have a hand in the sound of a Baller Alert’s favorite, August Alsina. They are also responsible for the theme song for the return of the Soul Train Awards.  Their resume just doesn’t end there. Being mentored by the legendary Betty Wright is a recipe for success.  Wanting to “infuse good music and good vibes”, the talented two has potential heat up their sleeves and it is in the form of a southern quartet – Bluff City.  Of course I reached out and Baller Alert was gifted with the exclusives on The Exclusives and Bluff City.


Who are The Exclusives?

The Exclusives are a duo that doesn’t have a problem with 48 consecutive hour studio sessions with no sleep. Their focus isn’t making a hit, but creating music that resonates. Referring to their creativity process as cooking, The Exclusives can create a song a great concept quickly ( microwave) or they let the concept develop over time (marinate). Whatever they are cooking in the studio seems to be delicious judging from their skill set and resume. I was introduced to The Exclusives through my older sister. Being emerged in the industry, she informally tests me on new music. She didn’t refer to them by their professional names, but it wasn’t long before I put two and two together and deduced who they were. Formerly known as Move Sumthin Production, Sean “Pen” McMillion  and Ralph “Vintage” Jeanty  met at  Flordia A&M University where pursuing a degree in the theatrical arts was placed on hold when a mutual friend “specifically requested that they all should get into music”. Feeling that the original name limited their talents, McMillion and Jeanty decided they needed a fresh start. They were more than a production team. The name “The Exclusives“ came up in conversation while they were “taking meetings in LA”. When all inquiries on social media proved the handle was free and clear, it could be thought of as destiny.The duo ,who admits to staying away from rotations, are old school enthusiasts who credit Michael Jackson, Prince, Babyface , Dru Hill and anything Motown to their individual inspirations and influences.  The Exclsuives also credit Betty Wright for shaping their careers and refining their songwriting skills.  They duo states that the Big Easy native, August Alsina solidified their place within the industry. They experienced their first hit record, song in heavy rotation and first plaque with him. They were able to “ tell his story through music” and build his sound from the ground up. Understanding that the “truth always resonates”, The Exclusives concentrate on honest music. When I asked would they transition into artists as many of their colleagues have done,  McMillion and Jeanty responded that they will most likely be executives, an idea that isn’t too farfetched because they have a knack for talent.


Presenting Bluff City…


What do you get when you mix southern charm and musical conviction together? Now add talents of The Exclusives to the potent mixture.  What you have staring at you in the purest form are newcomers Bluff City.  Comprised of Keem (22,Memphis, TN),  Roney (22,Memphis, TN), Frank (21,Raleigh, NC) and Tre (21,Houston, TX)  the  soul-filled singers  fuse R&B harmony with edge. A vine video caught the eye of Ralph of The Exclusives, and the union of artists and cultivator of music has been cemented ever since. Citing Jodeci, N’Sync, Boyz II Men, Canton Spirituals among many others as some of their musical influences, it is easy to conceive how Bluff City’s sound was sculpted. Bluff City realizes that “Golden Era for male groups was the 90’s”, however they are striving to “bring that good feeling back”, updated of course.  Using everyday life and past relationships,  Bluff City partners with The Exclusives for a very organic process that shines honesty on the situations we all go through.  Their voices are very sultry and earthy. Their tones are rich. You almost get that Sunday morning , worship, hair raising experience when these four belt their tunes -something that sets the quad apart. I stumbled across them on IG when Alsina reposted their cover of his infamous “Kissing on My Tattoos”. I was intrigued to say the least. Although these young cats state that “R&B is alive and well”, don’t get too comfortable with placing them in just that one category. Bluff City plains to transcend genres, using music as their common language. I know a few young ladies that will definitely appreciate that. Speaking of young ladies, Bluff City members are all single.  They all want a “honest and beautiful woman”, but “it’s hard to find someone true these days” so the focus is definitely on music right now.  For them  music “ is a way of life” and they “hope to be the heartbeat of it”.


Whats up Next:

 The Exclusives are currently working on August Alsina’s sophomore album and cultivating Bluff City. They have two female artists they are working with : Mika Malone (rapper) and Jasmine  Janai (singer) as well as expounding their imprint- The Exclusives World Wide. Bluff city is working on more music and recently dropped an R&B remix to “No Type”.  Check it out  and let me know what you think.





I would like to thank the Exclusives and Bluff City for allowing me into their world.  It is greatly appreciated. Support talent!



Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with The Exclusives and Bluff City.


Check out The Exclusives on IG/Twitter: TheExclusives


Check out Bluff city on social media : IG/Vine/Facebook: ItsBluffCity  Twitter: RealBluffCity


-Niko Rose


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