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The FDA Has Recalled Seasoning Products Due To Rodent Feces Contamination

A seasoning company has issued a recall for a variety of seasonings due to the discovery of rodent droppings in samples of oregano.

According to the FDA, Regal Foods, Inc. has initiated a voluntary recall of several seasoning products containing oregano. These include Italian seasoning, oregano leaves, taco seasoning, herbs and garlic seasoning, Fajita seasoning, herbs de provence seasoning, pasta herb seasoning, and blackening seasoning.

The recall process began on July 20, 2023, and is currently ongoing, as confirmed by the FDA. The affected products were distributed in the states of Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The FDA advises that individuals who have purchased any of the recalled items should promptly discard them and avoid consumption.

Clark Associates, the parent company of Regal Foods Inc., has not yet responded to the announcement.

Rodent feces can potentially harbor harmful pathogens, such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, LCMV, and Salmonella. The recall was initiated after Regal identified rodent feces in a sample of oregano. This raised concerns about the possible contamination of their products with these dangerous pathogens.

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