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The Five True Reasons Our Mothers Are Special

Written by @pistolwhippedya

As we get older, we soon realize the strenuous role of motherhood and the many hats it requires. It doesn’t take long before we recognize one day out of the year just isn’t enough to celebrate and show our mothers what they mean to us. There aren’t enough visits, cards, or gifts to ever repay or thank our mothers for all they endure. As adults-some of us with children of our own, we realize the value mothers bring to our life is priceless, far beyond what we could ever afford.

But like every other Mother’s Day, we will go visit our mamas bearing all kinds of gifts as a tribute, and they will smile with genuine happiness, promising that our presence was enough. This is what makes our mothers special- their happiness of just being our mother. This list of five things that make mothers special is to show we recognize and appreciate you.

Selflessness. There is no better way to learn selflessness than motherhood. It is universal that motherhood, in a way, becomes natural.  Moms instinctively step into serving and sacrificing for the sake of their child, no matter what it takes. A mother lives by the saying “by any means necessary.” Her child(ren) must be fed, bathed, clothed, and taught, which is a continuous job because there are no breaks in motherhood, her work is never done. Every day she must find strength, and most of the time, that strength comes from seeing her child’s faces. She uses this strength to work her demanding job to provide financially, cook warm meals on a daily, make sure the laundry is done, and there are clothes to wear, and of course, the house has to be clean because it can’t clean itself. At the end of the night, she still has to find the time to bathe her child and herself, with hopes of getting at least four hours of sleep just to wake up and do it all again. This is the selflessness of a mother, living how she has to. 

Teacher-As soon as we are born are mothers are continually teaching us. They taught us how to sit up, crawl, then walk and talk. Once we mastered that, it was their job to teach us how to read, count, and spell our name. But this is just the fundamentals of making us ready for life. If you ask a mother what is important to her, she will answer teaching her child how to survive in the world. Therefore, she finds it vital to teach you about God and how to pray, how to treat others with the same respect you would like, and how to work hard, all key things of survival. Sometimes it’s not what our mothers have to say but what they do because she lives knowing her children are always watching. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk. It is through our mothers that we learn patience and kindness because that is what it takes to raise a child. 

Encourager/Supporter-. There is no bigger fan than a mother. She takes on a responsibility to support her child no matter what. Although legally, this does not have to extend beyond the age of 18, a mother knows her child will always need her emotionally. If we need a push of motivation, we can find it within her words. Even if her child says they are going to run to Mars, the mother will be right there rooting them on, and with pride. Every milestone you look back on, your mother was there front row and center cheering you on. Mothers are in awe of everything their child does and offers the emotional support it takes to encourage them to shoot for the stars. They know the words we need to hear to never give up on life. Even when we are not there in the physical sense, a mother lifts us in spirit because there is nothing like a praying mother. 

Friend- How many of us remember our mother’s saying, “I’m not your little friend.” But as we get older, the dynamics of motherhood change. A mother and child almost switch roles and find friendship in one another. When a mother’s child has grown and developed independence, her motherly duties take a backseat. She can now speak about herself and what she wants out of life now that you are grown. Conversations become a little more transparent, and as we become more relatable with one another. Her need to shield you is lifted, and you now find yourself trying to protect her. When we grow up we no longer look at our mothers through the eyes of a child. We now see that she is also an honest and true confidante and is our first true bond. The realest on our team. 

Creator-It goes without saying your mother brought you into this world. We have heard our mothers recall this fact a thousand times over. But what a mother really is saying is that is she brought you into the world and created a foundation for you to strive with whatever hand she was dealt. Sharing the universal goal among mothers, that her child be the best they can be. And she expects you to take all those years she put into nurturing, protecting and loving you to do exactly that, be the best she knows you can be. That is what all mothers want. 

We could write an endless list of the roles we know a mother has and how she tirelessly fulfills each, but even that wouldn’t do justice. We could give moms all 365 days of the year, and that wouldn’t either. Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas! Know you are appreciated to infinity.

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