The Game Talks Moving Out Of Compton After A Bullet Went Through His Son’s Car Seat

The Game says he decided to move out of Compton after a bullet went through his son’s car seat.

The Los Angeles rapper sat down for an interview with NME, of which he graces the newest edition’s cover, and opened up about the life-changing moment that made him decide to move out of his hometown of Compton.

Prefacing the incident by mentioning that he was “f*ckin five times platinum” at the time, he went on to say that he was still involved with “shootouts” in his neighborhood. “The thing that changed my life was when a bullet went through my son’s car seat, and I was just about to go into the house and get him and put him in the car. A bullet hole was in the car seat where his head would have been. And on that day, I moved out of Compton and got me a condo in Beverly Hills,” The Game explained.

Later on, he discussed his new album Born 2 Rap, which features rap heavy-hitter musicians including #21Savage and #TravisBarker. While The Game recently said Born 2 Rap would be the end mark of his rap career, he says a collaboration with #JayZ or #Eminem might bring him out of hibernation. “Maybe an Eminem collab or a JAY-Z collab—either of ’em’d do it for me,” he said.

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