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The Husband Scale; Hot/stupid By: @milagreee

Most of you read my summary of the “hot/crazy wife matrix.” But, I just saw a fascinating video about the husband matrix, which I will link below. Anyway, the matrix this astoundingly intelligent woman speaks on is the hot/stupid husband matrix. This woman starts off the video by claiming that she is a unicorn and she is wearing a horn on her head, which is funny because the other video stated that there was no such thing as a woman who is both not crazy and hot.

She starts the y scale from zero to ten, the y scale being the hot scale. She starts the x scale as the stupid scale, starting at four because according to her there are no men that are below a 4 stupid. She then cuts straight across the scale and says that from 4 stupid to about 3 hot is the no go zone. No one wants to be with a really unattractive and dumb guy.

Seh then says from about a 5 or 6 hot and a 10 stupid are the no trespassing zone. This is where we do not want to be. These are ridiculously dumb men who are not hot enough to pull it off. From a five to seven in hot but below a 7 is the fun zone. This is where we want to hang out for a while. These are not the men that you will marry. These are just for fun.

Now from a 7-10 in stupid and 7-10 in hotness, these are the one night stands areas. These are the men that you are meant to sleep with ONCE because you cannot have a real conversation with this man. This man is dumb. There is nothing upstairs filling his head.

From a 5-8 or 9 dumb but 8-10 hot is the caution area. These men are intelligent, have a good job and are extremely attractive. But these are the one’s that will cheat. According to the lady in the video, she says that these men are the one’s that have everything going for themselves, and they know it. They say that once you have this man’s first child, they go ahead and start sleeping with the secretary.

From 8-10 hot but 5-6 stupid, are the arrogant asses. These are the men that are attractive, not drop dead gorgeous but still up there. They might have a good job too, but they’re the one’s that say things like “oh, I dont have time.” “Call me.” The one’s that cant even arrange a date, you have to do it, if he doesnt bother to cancel on you. They are very absorbed in themselves.

So now for the husband box. The man you marry should be about a 4-8 in hotness and below a 5 or 6 in stupid. They are the best suited for marriage. The catch of this all is that any man can at any point, actually move from any point in that chart to another. The husband can become a cheater. The arrogant ass may become a husband.

At the end she basically states that since all these boxes and the chart can all change at any point, women go crazy.

So ladies, is this an accurate depiction of what we have to choose from?

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