The LA Lakers Won’t Be Going To The Playoffs For The Sixth Season In A Row

It may be safe to say, the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t the dynamic team they used to be, missing the postseason 5 times in the first 65 years of the the team’s existence. Now, the Lakers have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs for the 6th consecutive season.

With about 10 games left on the schedule, the Lakers seem to be worse than they were last season, without LeBron James. And the NBA star didn’t seem too pleased with the outcome of the last game.

Many fans are saying that Lebron wasn’t “the right guy” for the Lakers team and their current record may be a reflection of that. But this will be his first time in 13 years that he won’t be in the playoffs. 

After their latest loss to Brooklyn, James told sports reporters, “It’s not what we signed up for. Throughout the year, things happened. Suspensions, injuries, things of that nature. And just not being able to play sustainable basketball for 48 minutes. But you don’t even try to wrap your head around it, you just keep pushing. Just try to get better tonight, move on to tomorrow, and go from there.”

Lebron continued, “Playoffs are never promised. You’ve got to come out and work. For me personally, you just continue to put the work in and see what you can do to help.”

Will this season shake the Laker’s lineup again next season? We shall see!


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