Whats really in a lyric? To each his own in regards to how you interpret the message. However, as long as you receive something from this particular entry, you have made my job here a little easier. Now for those who really know me, know I’m very introverted, I only allow a select few into my personal space. I’m very observant, so I feel you out before I decide to befriend you. Everyone should be this way. People use the word “friend” too loosely these days, & you wonder why she slept with your man?

Now that I got that random tidbit of info about myself out the way, on to today’s lesson. Every member here is from a different walk of life. Some living more privileged than others. However, in this recession, everyone is feeling the hit. If you’re not, can you adopt me? But even in the recession, we can’t continue to allow that baggage get us down.

Some of you might be dealing with a situation that’s hard to walk away from. A bad relationship, maybe? Who knows. Girl let go of that dead baggage. I assure you he wasn’t worth it anyways. Where am I getting with this?

It all ties into my job here. Music is therapy. If you really pay attention to the lyrics, it will do you some good. Don’t just get caught up & lost within the beat. That’s just an added luxury. As I was listening to Mama’s Gun, one of the many classical albums of Erykah Badu, I had a moment. I reverted back to a time in which I had baggage, you know, the fake me out Louis Vuitton style. Only, it wasn’t a bag, it was all negative energy. The haters, the fakers, the no namers. We all got em. I had to totally forgive them, for they knew not what they do.

Once I took a new lease on my life & surrounded myself with like minded folks, things started to turn around. Positivity is like a great orgasm. The shit just feels good. Now when I hear Bag Lady I two-step myself to death. I party & dance like no one is watching.

I say all this to say, whatever burden that’s holding you down, LET IT GO. Its easier said than done I know. Once you let it go, I promise you, you’ll feel a trillion times better. The law of attraction is real. Don’t believe me, try it out.

Get your incense ready, because I got a feeling, its bout to be one big positivity party here on BA today!

Love.Live.Life, people! More importantly: BE INSPIRED!

I’m out,


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