The Miseducation of Andre Johnson by Niko Rose


On the heels of completing OTA’s , most teams are looking forward to the new season, while one team in particular can’t seem to give a definitive answer on what exactly is going on with their veteran receiver- Andre Johnson.  His absence from OTA’s in Houston has rumors swirling that the 6’3 All-Pro has walked away from his contract and life as a pro athlete.  

Johnson is synonymous with the Texans organization. Drafted in the early years of the Texans franchise, he has given his all to the organization. You can not ask for a more humble or disciplined player.  At a time where Johnson should be elated with the idea of a championship he has to rebuild with the team… AGAIN. As a fan that is frustrating for me to watch. The Houston Texans has talent, but somehow it never amasses to anything past an AFC South Division title or sadly last year’s season. Johnson isn’t getting younger and he deserves a chance for a ring.  He had to endure the Dom Capers and David Carr plunder followed by the Gary Kubiak  and back up quality quarter back – Matt Schaub  fiasco (which cost the team last season). Now it’s Bill O’Brien and  whomever he picks ( hopefully Case Keenum #Go Coogs) . Nothing will add more to the Pro- Bowler and future NFL Hall of Fame inductee’s legacy than a ring. I’m not saying that he couldn’t get one with the Texans . I have no doubt O’Brien will come out guns blazing, but from rebuilding to championship in a year will require an act of the Most Supreme High.

The real question is how likely is this trade?

Johnson is an asset to any team. He gets yards each season.He has unmatched speed and agility. I have witnessed this man contort his body to catch some of the most awkward catches. There is no doubt that Johnson produces. He shows up and shows out, however his contract hangs over his head like Mimi on that shower rod.  He could retire, but that would leave him without a ring and an unfulfilled legacy. Johnson could also ask for a trade, but that would be against his introverted demeanor, and who would pay the remaining balance on his contract? [According to the Houston Chronicle, Johnson’s two year extension has a maximum value of 38.5 million dollars]. But more importantly, who would the Texans get in Johnson’s place? Johnson brings tremendous value and it is even harder to find another player of his caliber. Would that even be a sensible trade? Its a lose -lose for the Texans. The organization will lose their first potential H.O.F. inductee, a veteran’s advantage in the receiver position and a proven producer. What will the Texans gain? Who will cultivate Hopkins and Posey?  Right now it’s all speculation and we have to wait for the season to see what will occur. 

But in the mean time—

I’m like Arian Foster…not to proud to beg.

Johnson-Honey! I know you want to leave me, but I refuse to let you go… 

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