The Mistress Mentality & Why You'll Never Be More Than That

The Mistress Mentality & Why You’ll Never Be More Than That

I’ve always lived by the age-old saying, “People will only do to you what you allow them to do,” and the same holds true in relationships.  There are many women who adopt the mistress mentality, and as a result, they always find themselves in the role of the mistress. Even if they are the primary woman in their partner’s life, they still feel like the mistress.  Why?  It’s because they have a mindset ingrained in being the other woman and haven’t learned to grow out of it.

In a conversation about open relationships, someone mentioned that they are not against such arrangements.  They further explained that while they would only date one person, they wouldn’t be upset if their “significant other” dated other people.  To me, there’s something flawed in this ideology.  What’s the point of being in an open relationship if your partner is the only one who benefits from it?  This essentially makes you the mistress in your own relationship.  Essentially, you’re allowing your partner to cheat while you stick around because you feel obligated for some reason. Some women may argue that “it’s in a man’s nature to be with multiple women,” but this also stems from the mistress mentality and is why they’ll never rise above being a mistress.

Not all men cheat, but if you make it clear from the beginning that you expect your partner to be unfaithful, do you think you’ll find a faithful man? By letting him know that you expect it and find it acceptable, you reinforce the idea that men are incapable of monogamy, which is simply not true.  Men will only do what you allow them to do.

The problem with the mistress mentality is that many mistresses have a weak mindset.  They accept and tolerate bad behavior from men because that’s all they believe they deserve.  The issue here is that many of these women never progress beyond that point and forever remain in the role of a side chick.  Do you want to end up as an ultimately lonely mistress?  It might be beneficial to reconsider and change your mindset.

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