The N Bomb: “Don’t Worry, It’s Cool, I Have Black Friends”

Allow me to start this blog off by saying that it was inspired by another blog I read HERE. Depending on your child hood and where you grew up, you probably grew up around the word “Nigga” being used. Often times it was used in a non derogatory way by someone sporting the same skin pigment as you. Every now and again that isn’t the case. At first you want to express anger when you see someone who isn’t of color use the word, then you wonder why it is us as black people who have given the word so much power in the first place. Either/Or the debate still exists, is it okay for my white friends to drop the N-bomb?


I was told by a middle aged black man that we shouldn’t be worried about white people using the word when we over glorify and use it so much ourselves. We’re worried more about them using it than us NOT using it. Fine and understandable but does it make it okay? I will share my thoughts on it, you may agree or may disagree but they’re my thoughts lol.


First off, I cringe every time I hear a non black person use the word. I cringe just as bad when I see black people use the word around non black people or in places where using the word is clearly uncalled for. I won’t lie, I use the word a lot among my black friends but I definitely find my filter when it’s not just “us” around. When it comes to white people using the word I really feel strongly against it. The word offends a lot of people and I’ve seen beat downs given for less, so I definitely wouldn’t urge any white friend of mine to toss the word around freely. Now what I absolutely hate and do not tolerate is when the word is used by people like Kreayshawn. For those who don’t know who she is, she’s a white rapper supposedly from Oakland. You can familiarize yourself with her HERE. People like her irk me to no end. When I see Kreayshawn I see a white girl fascinated with the hood lifestyle to the point where she makes a mockery of all things urban or hip hop. A black girl in bamboo ear rings, baggy clothes, heavy makeup, and over use of slang is considered ghetto while a white girl doing the same becomes America’s newest rap star. It’s quite disgusting. I feel offended when I see this because she’s clearly making black culture a joke, and the icing on the cake, she uses the word “Nigga” often. Her good friend (also white) uses the word just as much if not more and Kreayshawn defends her by saying “She goes to jail a lot”. Oh, so because she spends a lot of time in jail it makes it okay for her to recklessly throw around the word Nigga? Are you implying that the nearest jail is where you can find a black person? Making black culture a joke is something I’ve never tolerated, not from a black person and not from a lil girl from Oakland who’s rumored to be the niece of Bruce Willis. The “I wanna be down” chick doesn’t get a N-word pass from me under any circumstances. To me, the use of the word from people like her is offensive and disrespectful. 


You can always tell the white person who was raised around black culture. Most times they won’t even use the word. WIll I cringe when I hear them say it? Yes. Will I deck her in the nose for saying it? No. Now the white person with their hat to the back screaming “Yo! Yo! Yo! What’s Hap’nin my nigga!” that individual has signed a check their ass can’t cash. 

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