The Necessity of Honest Communication By: @milagreee

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world in which people told you exactly how they felt? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be with someone who was openly forward about their intentions and what they’re looking for? Sometimes, there are people who practice this, but most times people hide behind their façade long enough to fool or deceive sometimes unintentionally, but never the less still deceiving someone else into a situation that had they been made aware they were facing, they would have opted out early on. This façade continues until one of two people are so attached and confused that they don’t really know which leg to take a step forward with.

 I am talking about dating someone who leaves you so utterly confused because the lack of the lack of communication in terms of where each of you stand. You might be dating someone who is ultimately standing in a different chapter, of a different book from a different volume. How the hell are you supposed to know what to do when there are so many rules as to what you can and cannot bring up in the initial phases of dating? Actions. Actions are supposed to tell us what exactly it is that the person you are enthralled with is thinking, and feeling. But lets be honest, actions don’t always scream out what a person is feeling.

Actions can be deceiving as well as words because this person might just be the nicest person in the world and have no intentions of creating or growing with you.  You’re also told to be upfront and just ask what this person is looking for, but to make sure you don’t ask too early on for fear of scaring this person off. But is it fair to be made to wait? Why are their feelings more validated than yours that you have to take a backseat and wait until THEY’RE comfortable around you enough in order to ask these types of questions? What if you wait and all you succeed in doing is breaking your own heart?

Being honest and straightforward would be the only way I see that all of this undeserving misery can be avoided. All of the confusion can be taken out of these equations when they are confronted. It is better to be sure that you aren’t getting onto a road with a dead end than to drive for miles only to have to turn back around. 

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