The Power of the “P” By: Briana Shani

The box has glorious power.  I mean, we aren’t even going to get into the whole “giver of life” thing.  Being able to tap into your box power is a skill many women never master, but if you can, you’ve won.

First let’s talk about how the box got so much power.  My friends and I were talking about this the other day.  There are two options:

Either, A, women were born with this power between their legs.  While men were given their physical strength to flourish, maybe this is our given super power.

Or, B, because men LIVE & DIE for the box, we noticed that this is the way to get what we want.  With this theory, men started the trend and women smartened up and used it to our advantage.

Hell, it could be a little bit of both.

It’s always been kind of funny to me that men judge women for using their box for their own good.  Meaning, withholding sex to get a man to change or having sex to get what you want from him.  In reality, if men weren’t so hypnotized by our boxes, we wouldn’t be able to manipulate you like this to begin with.  But, women get scrutinized instead of praised for controlling their God-given power.

See, hoes are the ones making us lose our power.  Hoes don’t know the power of their “P”.  They think small, like, “I can have sex with him to get in this party”, when they should just use flirting for that.  Bringing the queen out to make moves when it’s not even necessary.

Sidenote, flirting is the baby sister of the box.  Like the appetizer. And many, Many, MANY times, all people need to be full is a little appetizer. 

One of the things that can interfere with a women taking advantage of her mystical box powers is love.  Damn you, love.  It takes strong will power.  Don’t let the love interfere with your super powers!

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