The Price of Fame – August Alsina Did WHAT?? ::: by @niksofly

Coming off of  his epic win at the BET AWARDS and on the verge on the Kirko Bangz “Rich” release (scheduled  this coming Monday), the R&B sultry crooner, August Alsina is blazing his path into the daily rotation of many. His rawness in his music is undoubtedly incomparable. With an unapologetic demeanor, Alsina has serenaded his edginess into the public’s hearts. Unfortunately with fame comes the price one must pay – unsubstantiated bull.  A young lady has released to MTO that she plans on suing Alsina for his alleged involvement in the rupture of her cervix after intercourse ( WAIT, WHAT?). Allegedly, the young lady met Alsina on Instagram and flew herself to Virginia to hang with him. She attended the concert and the club after. We all know why she went there, if indeed she did go there.  She adds that she was the aggressor in the sexual encounter and Alsina has been considerate given the circumstances, but feels she should be compensated for her inconvenience.


This is where the problem occurs , The only documented cases of ruptured cervices occur from women giving birth.  While the young lady elaborated on Alsina’s endowment, medically it isn’t documented as a possibility. However what I do see as a possibility is the ever-going cycle of women attempting financial gain from name dropping. Lets pretend that all allegations and statements are true. How can you find someone liable for an encounter where you were the aggressor?  She PAID for her flight to see Alsina. It is on record that she initiated the sexual encounter.  What gall must one have to sue someone after she bites off more than she could chew?


 If August was not August Alsina, the entertainer, this would not be a potential law suit , let alone something worth leaking to a media outlet. It is a bit disturbing that the price of fame is the fervent attempt for someone to destroy your character or capitalize off of your name. It reeks of impropriety. The absence of privacy and discretion speaks volumes on her character.  I’d respect a woman more if she out and out said  she expected payment in exchange for her sexual favors. Money is what she is seeking.

Celebrities should not allow this to continue. They should definitely fire back with libel and slander suits. People aren’t thinking about the propensity of the damage they are doing. If I were a celebrity, I’d let that same complacency hold regard for their life.

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