The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 Reunion Allegedly Exposes The Truth About “SnakeGate”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 virtual reunion, set to premiere May 10, is expected to be just as drama-filled as the season. According to LOVEBSCOTT, who got an exclusive on the RHOA reunion tea, all questions regarding “SnakeGate” will be answered.

Backstory: Nene Leakes informed co-star Cynthia Bailey that there was someone who recorded her talking crap about Nene but would not reveal who it was. Over the course of the season, the housewives attempted to find out who recorded Cynthia.

While in one setting, Yovanna Momplaisir, friend of Nene, disclosed that the person who recorded Bailey was amongst the groups. Later on, during a group discussion, it was revealed that Yovanna was the one to have allegedly recorded Cynthia talking bad about Nene.

Most of the co-stars had already assumed that she was one before it was actually revealed. Yovanna would later reveal that there was no “audio” incriminating Cynthia. This led to the ladies wondering who and why someone would say Cynthia did something that she didn’t do, that was until the reunion.

So, who was behind creating “SnakeGate” then?

RHOA star Nene Leakes is allegedly revealed to be the one behind the “SnakeGate” and Cynthia (Bailey) scandal.

It’s alleged that during the taping of the reunion, Nene was informed that Yovanna was about to make a guest appearance.

After being told Yovanna was invited on, Nene left the reunion. Before the reunion was even filmed, Nene has sent Yovanna a Cease and Desist letter, as an attempt to prevent her from talking about the scandal.

When Yovanna appeared at the reunion, she spilled the entire “SnakeGate” tea. She reveals that “SnakeGate” was just a ploy that Nene created for a storyline and that she only participated in the scheme with hopes of becoming a full-time cast member of the show. She also claims that Nene used her.

In the exclusive, it is noted that sources informed them that Nene threatens production for even allowing Yovanna on the virtual reunion.

After filming, Nene took to social media to reveal text messages between her and Yovanna, eluding to Yovanna lying about never knowing of the alleged audio.

In a separate exclusive with LBS, Yovanna responded to Nene’s “so-called” receipts. In a conversation with B.Scott, Yovanna said: “I want to first address these text messages that were posted. That, right there, only proves further what I stated at the reunion and what was in your article.”

She continued: “The time when Nene got up and didn’t return is when I got there. She should’ve plead her case when she was paid to. She ran at the reunion. She tried time and time again to prevent me from speaking my truth on this whole situation. What you’re seeing is her attempt to manipulate people’s minds before the reunion aired.”

Yovanna would go on to speaking on Nene’s Cease and Desist letter, her feeling towards Nene, and the texts Nene allegedly posted on social media.

Outside of the infamous scandal, other drama-based discussions did take place at the reunion.

According to LBS sources, Nene argued with every co-star outside of Cynthia and Porsha Williams, Kenya accuses Nene of having a secret boyfriend, Eva Marcille goes in on Nene, Cynthia remained timed, and Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam made guest appearances.

When asked if the information revealed about the reunion will play out come next Sunday, Yovanna had this to say:

“I’d say a good majority of it. Absolutely.”

Make sure to tune in for Part: 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, May 10, at 8 p.m. EST.

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