The Real “Ramona” Lawyers Up Against “Hustlers;” Production Company Responds

The real woman who inspired Jennifer Lopez‘s role in the new movie “Hustlers” wants the studio responsible for the film to pay her.

“J. Lo doesn’t work for free, why would I?” Barbash stated in a video, adding, “I’m a businesswoman.”

Samantha Barbash Mugshot

According to TMZ, Samantha Barbash’s legal team sent a letter to STX Entertainment demanding they pay for its use of her likeness, personality, biography and identity in connection with the promotion of the film.

In the letter, Barbash’s lawyer, Bruno Gioffre, reminds the studio that Barbash “unequivocally rejected all offers to be included in the film.” Barbash wants STX to resolve “the flagrant violation of her rights.”

Barbash made news during the production of the film claiming the studio lowballed her and never made a deal. She also claims a producer for “Hustlers,” not Lopez, reached out to see if she would sign away her rights, which she then declined.

When asked how they were able to make a movie without her approval, she simply said, “it’s Hollywood.”

STX Entertainment has since responded to the suit stating it was entitled to make the movie without Barbash’s permission, according to Variety.

“We will defend our right to tell factually based stories based on the public record and look forward to resolving this matter before a judge,” a spokesperson for the studio said.

As of now, it’s unclear how much Barbash mentioned as pay based on the letter.

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