Ellen DeGeneres Death Hoax: The Real Reason #RIPELLEN Is Trending On Twitter

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If you do not stay up-to-date on the latest Twitter trends, you would’ve thought America’s favorite television host Ellen Degeneres passed away when the hashtag #RIPELLEN went viral.

You can exhale, the notoriously generous host is still alive. According to the NY Post, fans started the hashtag trend in response to rumors that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” may be canceled.

The new trending hashtag spiked numerous parody tweets mocking the death hoax. Twitter users posted photos of Degeneres-look-alikes with the hashtag #RIPELLEN.

“#RIPELLEN the generous queen,” a fan tweeted with a throwback photo of Justin Bieber.

Other Twitter users posted fake obituaries of the “late” host with sentiments of how mean DeGeneres was.

“#RIPELLEN she threw me down a flight of stories then told my dog to fuck off ha ass had it coming tbh,” one user tweeted.

Another fan tweeted a recent viral video of a woman jumping into a pool from the roof with the caption, “Live footage of ellen d dying omg #ripellen.”

While most Twitter users participated in the new trend, others were left confused. One Twitter socialite, tweeted, “I’m dead ass so confused with this #ripellen shit.”

Rumors of the talk show coming to an end due to low ratings and accusations of the host being “mean” and “rude” to her staff inspired the latest twitter trend.

However, according to The Post, DeGeneres’ production team has since addressed the rumors, stating that it is all untrue.

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