Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson To Host Global Citizen’s ‘Global Goal: Unite For Our Future’ Concert To Bring Awareness To COVID-19 Effects On Marginalized Communities

Actor Dwayne Johnson is expected to host Global Goal: United for Our Future, a concert special orchestrated by Global Citizen and the European Commission to bring awareness to the effects COVID-19 has had on marginalized communities.

“I’m proud to join Global Citizen and the European Commission to host the Global Goal: Unite for Our Future concert,” Johnson said.” The event aims to lift up the global community that is tackling equitable access to healthcare and other enormous injustices facing our world. This critical moment in history requires all of us — so let’s join together to chart a better future, for everyone.”

The concert, which will air on Saturday, June 27, will follow a summit, complete with interviews and panel discussions. The summit will be streamed on all social media platforms and will be available on http://globalgoalunite.org.

Among those set to perform on June 27 are Chole x Halle, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, J Balvin, Quavo, and many more. Some of the celebrities expected to make an appearance at the concert include Billy Porter, Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Forest Whitaker, David Beckham, and NAACP President Derrick Johnson. The event will air on multiple networks and platforms nationwide, including NBC, MTV, Twitter, and YouTube.

The upcoming summit and concert are both ways for the organization to continue its movement, which “focuses on addressing the pandemic’s impact on vulnerable communities and urges individuals, leaders, governments, and corporations to commit to the fair distribution of COVID-19 tools and treatments.”

In a statement, Global Citizen co-founder and CEO Hugh Evans said:

“Global Citizens around the world are calling for systemic change, change that brings about justice for everyone, everywhere, regardless of where they were born or the color of their skin. If we are to end COVID-19 for all, we need our world leaders to commit the billions of dollars needed to equitably deliver testing, treatments, and vaccines.”

He added: “Global Goal: Unite for Our Future—The Concert will bring the centuries-old concept of music as a motivator for change and unity, together with science and data, to honor the problem-solvers — including doctors, scientists, lab workers, essential workers, and human rights advocates — who are racing to not only create the cure for COVID-19 but also to ensure that it’s available for everyone who needs it.”

The Rock For Global GOal
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