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If you’re over 35 or in your 40s, you may want to consider dating an “older” baller. These men are usually divorcées, have children, and established businesses and wealth. They are looking for love again or at least some companionship. You don’t have to play games, you get to be his pretty, young thing, and many do not have a problem giving. They have been there and done that and wrote the book on it. They like feeling needed. Sex is important but not a priority. The best part about these types of ballers is the lifestyle. You get to go on MANY vacations, weekend trips, eat at top restaurants, and shop till you drop—all in just a few days! They have the time AND money to burn. So why not give it a go!

Here are a few more facts about the Senior Circuit:

1. He Should Be Still Working! If he is not, that means he will have too much time on his hands, and he’s out of the scene. If he’s working, he’ll also have LESS time to be chasing or entertained by other women.

2. You won’t see many models or other young golddiggers at senior circuit events and galas who look better than you. Finally, you’ll be the youngest chick in the room again!

3. Go with an older male friend to these events who can introduce you to the REAL players.

4. Men on the senior circuit will approach you quicker than younger men.

5a. It is always a MISTAKE for a truly ambitious woman to let a man’s age stop her, especially if he’s on the Forbes List!

5b. Tickets to senior circuit events start at $500, but security is always LAX, and you can crash it!

A Few Senior Circuit Events

Any party in Aspen, CO
Metropolitan Museum of Art—Costume Institute Benefit Gala (after-party tickets are cheaper $250-$300)
Any golf or tennis club in Palm Beach, Southhampton, etc.


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