The Shocking Endings From the Last Night of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ docuseries came to an end on Saturday night. The executive producer of the show, Dream Hampton, stated that the final night of the series, which concentrated on R. Kelly’s present-day accusations of sexual outrage, was the “most crucial” part. The last two episodes summarized how the singer somehow managed to continue being a free man in spite of these allegations against him before the series ending with the gut-wrenching reminder that various alleged victims are still missing. 

Survivors stated R. Kelly’s suspected abuse resumes to this day. The final episodes of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ showed families trying to save their daughters in 2018. One mother effectively finds her daughter Dominique from a hotel room, and finally takes her home after multiple attempts. Other families were not successful. Joycelyn Savage’s father stated, “It’s been almost two years now, and we still haven’t seen our daughter.” Another victims parents, Azriel Clay, says that they haven’t been in touch with their daughter since her high school graduation in 2016. 

An anonymous previous employee stated that Kelly became more “ingenious” about his wrongdoings over time. “When the Savages first came out, talking about Joycelyn, R. Kelly had meetings to strategize to fix the situation,” he states. “The first thing was to put Joycelyn in front of the camera on TMZ, which is something he ordinarily would not have done. […] As far as the video Joycelyn Savage made, I would say that it was scripted, because Robert does not allow those girls to say anything that he has not told them to say.”

Survivors expressed that Kelly was also courageous enough to keep in touch with the girl from the infamous 2002 “sex tape” years after it was released. Kitti Jones met Kelly in 2011 and said that she identified the girl in the tapes as someone, who Kelly introduced her to immediately after they met. 

One of the survivors stated that she was choked until she blacked out, and victims were required to pee in buckets. “I felt like a prisoner,” Jerhonda Pace said of the environment in R. Kelly’s house. “I didn’t have anyone to talk to. It was just me. I went into a depression. I was mentally drained, because he would break me down, then build me up, then make me feel like shit again, then do it all over again. He would really manipulate my mind. The breaking point for me was when Rob slapped me, and he choked me until I blacked out.” Several survivors also stated that rather than the bathroom, they were demanded to use buckets in their rooms, and they could only vacant the buckets with Kelly’s approval. 

It was reported that R. Kelly picked a female victim named Dominique and treated her as his “boy toy.” “To Robert, Dominique is, like, the rebellious one,” the previous employee stated. “She stays in trouble to him. She’s a little tomboyish, and Robert plays on that. So he has molded her into the boy he wants her to be. So he’s had her shave all her hair off, and she carries herself like a boy. He’s even had her dress in boy clothes and paints a beard and mustache on to look like a boy. So he treats her like his boy toy.”

Kelly allegedly made girls compose false accusations against themselves as ‘insurance.’  Kitti Jones recalled being thrilled when Kelly brought her on his tour in 2012 and included her into his act, in which he handcuffed her into a cage and mimed oral sex on her, with one part of the act describing him delivering her a contract to sign. It almost meant that in this contract signing the women were subjected to stay with him. As reported by the previous employee, “Kelly does make the girls write statements with false accusations against themselves, either saying that they stole something from him or their parents stole something from him, or even that his parents tried to bribe him. I would call the statements some kind of insurance.” “And in addition to the statements, the fact the videos everything sexual they do with him, I see the videos as being something he can hold against them,” they added.

R. Kelly apparently selected some of his victims out the audience at his shows. A 17-year-old victims’ parents stated Kelly noticed their daughter in the audience at his performance and asked her onstage. She was requested to go through the back of the stage, where he had given her a number to reach him. The young girl enjoyed singing, so she was presumptively informed that he could help with her career.  Several people near Kelly states he suggested to young girls that he could make them into celebrities because of his impact in the music industry.

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