The State Of Alabama Goes Through With Execution Of Nathaniel Woods, Despite Public Campaign To Stop It

Within the last week, news began to go viral, stating that Alabama inmate, Nathaniel Woods, would be put to death for a 2004 incident that claimed the lives of three officers.

Although Woods has claimed he was innocent since the incident took place, he was still executed Thursday evening at the age of 44.

Prior to his execution, Alabama governor Kay Ivey released a statement explaining why the killing of Woods must go on.⠀⠀⠀⠀

“After thorough and careful consideration of the facts surrounding this case, the initial jury’s decision, the many legal challenges, and review… the state of Alabama should carry out Mr. Woods’ lawfully imposed sentence,” she wrote.

In 2004, Woods was convicted as an accomplice in a case stemming from the fatal shooting of 3 police officers with a fourth officer being wounded as well, According to CBS News.

Kerry Spencer, who pulled the trigger in the incident, wrote a letter in Woods’ defense, admitting he acted alone in the murder and that Woods was “100% innocent.”

“I know this to be a fact because I’m the person that shot and killed all three of the officers that Nathaniel was subsequently charged and convicted of murdering,” he wrote. “Nathaniel Woods doesn’t even deserve to be incarcerated, let alone executed.”

In his 2005 trial, prosecutors insisted that Woods’ hated police officers and as a means to prove it lured the officers to Spencer’s apartment, which ultimately led to their deaths.

According to Spencer, in an appeal, police forced their way into his Birmingham apartment, where he sold drugs, and attempted to arrest Woods due to an outstanding warrant, CBS News reveals.

After being pinned down by officers, Woods replied, “Okay, I give up,” which is when Spencer opened fired on the officers  after he felt Woods was being “attacked.”

In his emergency appeal, it reads that Woods “steadfastly maintained his innocence in any plan to entice the three officers into the house that day.”

Martin Luther King III has since spoken out on Woods’ execution, calling it “a mockery of justice.”⠀⠀⠀⠀

“In the case of Nathaniel Woods, the actions of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Governor of the State of Alabama are reprehensible, and have potentially contributed to an irreversible injustice,” he wrote in a statement. “The rush to execute Mr. Woods makes a mockery of justice.”

Rapper TI also took to Instagram to express his frustrations with the turn out of the Woods case.

“The state of Alabama has blood on its hands,” he wrote. “All of U.S. (fair & decent people) who work for the state & the city should walk out everywhere… Show them what WE CAN DO!!! BUT IT ONLY WORKS IF EVERYONE STICKS TOGETHER!!!! #NothingChangesIfNothingChanges.”

Nate Woods executed
(Alabama Department of Corrections)

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