The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House Opens For Guests To Spend The Night

The 1974 slasher movie is a cult classic and arguably one of the best horror films of all time. This spring, On Set Cinema is hosting an opportunity for adoring fans to spend the night and enjoy binge-watching the thrasher film series in the Kingsland, Texas building used for the film.

Founded by Kenny Caperton, On Set Cinema allows fans to watch rare movie screenings at the original filming locations for cult classics and horror films. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house is currently home to the Grand Central Cafe, however, the eatery will close down for the two-day event. The cost of admission is $475 per person with an age requirement of 21 and up. Only 13 guests are able to be accommodated each night and the ticket price includes a BBQ dinner, horror-themed games, drinks, and snacks. The facility only has restrooms, no showers, and each attendee will be responsible for bringing their own sleeping arrangements, including blankets, pillows, and air mattresses.

For any super fan willing to cough up the coin, the experience should be fun-filled and a memorable way to experience a piece of film history.

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