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The Wife Scale By: @milagreee

Men and women are VERY different. They are logical, we are mostly emotional. This makes them believe that we’re just crazy. There’s actually a you tube video in which a man explains that there is a scale between hot and crazy. The hotter you are, the crazier you are. The scale starts at zero for hotness and goes up to ten. Crazy, is measured from 4 to ten because men believe that women just aren’t sane. To men, there is no such thing as a non crazy woman.

Now in this video, the speaker explains exactly what kind of women you should be dating and which kind of woman is okay to marry. There are women that they do not want anything to do with and those would be women that they consider to be under the number 5 for hot. Men do not want to date women who are below a five, and they would not consider dating or marrying any women that fits in that zone.

Now there is the 5- 8 zone of hot. According to this “wife zone chart” the fun zone are the women that are between 5-8. Now I am assuming this is different for every guy, seeing as no one has the same taste. But this zone is a “fun zone.” This is where men will tell you “im not ready for a relationship.” You’re just the “fun girl.” The fun girl is only measured as 4 crazy. So that means that if you fall around there, you aren’t as crazy, to them, but you’re pretty much just a good time. Any girl that rates between a 5-8 but about a 4 in crazy is when “your car gets keyed,” “tires slashed” blah blah blah. He says these are the women that are undoubtedly insane.

According to this you-tube video, men can stay with a girl that is about a 7 crazy but still between 5-8 hot. They consider this the “date zone.” The speaker tells the audience that you can stay in this zone for as long as you like. So for example, you’re the girl that meets mommy, and goes to holiday parties, work events and knows all his friends. But you’re also the girl that doesn’t ever get proposed to. You’re the one that actually has to drop hints. You’re the one who finds herself in a 10 year relationship with out the wedding ring, without actual commitment from this guy.

The wife is actually measured as between five to seven crazy but about 8 and higher of hotness. For a man to find such a woman he would consider her for a long term relationship. She is as balanced as it gets. To get inside the head of a man and really look at how they see women, I suggest watching this video. I’ll add the link at the bottom of my article. This man says that there is no such thing as a woman that scales 8-10 hot and under a 5 crazy. They don’t exist. He warns other men to watch out for that one because eventually the crazy will come out. Now ladies, after watching this video, is is true??

The Wife Scale


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