These Highly Relatable “Insecure” Moments Are The Reason We Need Another Season 

We know that Issa Rae has stated her “Insecure” days are over, but we cannot help but be reminded each time we binge this series just how much we miss the antics of Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Kelly, Tiffany, Daniel and the rest of the crew. Not only did “Insecure” offer a fresh and authentic portrayal of the Black millennial experience, tackling issues of race, identity, and self-discovery with humor and insight and highlighting the complexities of dating and even workplace discrimination. Much of why “Insecure’s” cult-like following is still around is because of the show’s relatability, which can be seen in a few of these memorable scenes. 

That time Issa thought she was getting her man back (Season 1)

#LawrenceHive had serious smoke for Issa after she cheated on him with longtime friend Daniel. However, Issa fans were even more livid with her after she confessed to the infidelity. Either way, as a collective, we were rooting for the two to get beyond the cheating scandal. As the pair dealt with the fallout from their, Issa embarked on a trip to Malibu with her girls. However, she ends the getaway prematurely when Lawrence unexpectedly calls her, and it sounds like he wants to reconcile. Issa got on the road to get her man back, only to learn that he was likely only drunk dialing, and Lawrence had moved on to enjoy a few months of bachelor life. 

That time Molly found herself in love with a married man (Season 2)

When Molly reconnected with her old friend Dro, we could sense trouble in the distance. The red flag flew high when we learned that Dro was very married despite his immediate interest in Molly. In a universally relatable moment, Molly succumbed to the chemistry she shared with Dro, and together, they breached all the boundaries Molly had set. Despite Dro being in an open marriage, Molly, who had initially agreed to the arrangement, still grappled with a level of discomfort in sharing her partner.

That time Issa walked out on faith to start her organization (Season 3)

After dealing with a rough patch, which saw Issa having to move in with Daniel after she could no longer afford her apartment, she made a risky job decision, which so many millennials have had to do to chase their dreams. Issa quit her job with the nonprofit “We Got Ya’ll” and drove Lyft in order to focus on launching her own neighborhood block party series. Eventually, she worked as a property manager at an apartment complex while she hit the pavement looking for sponsors for the community event. 

That time Issa & Molly came to blows at the block party (Season 4)

Issa was getting her block party idea off the ground by season four. Sadly, like many other lifelong friends, she and Molly were not in a good place as Issa’s career blossomed. Things came to a head when Molly learned that Issa utilized the help of her then-boyfriend, Andrew, to secure a performance from Vince Staples. Molly felt exceptionally betrayed by the action since she’d already told Issa she wouldn’t ask her boyfriend to do a favor for Issa. Their tension throughout the seasons had finally boiled over, with the women airing out one another in a long overdue clash that should have been a conversation months prior. 

That time Issa and Lawrence finally got their happily ever after (Season 5)

After some time apart and embarking on different relationships and professional journeys, Issa and Lawrence shocked viewers by coming back together in the end. By this time, Lawrence was a father to a son with ex-girlfriend Condola. Issa had been through failed situationships Daniel and a rocky romance with Nathan. In the end, Issa and Lawrence spun the block, like so many others. 

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