Thirty-Five People Arrested In Donald Trump’s ICE Operation

Thirty-five people have been arrested as a part of #DonaldTrump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation to remove around 2,000 migrant families.

Trump made the announcement via Twitter. The raids were launched to remove around 2,000 migrant families who were ordered to be removed by an immigration judge, according to CNN. But reports show the group greatly missed its mark in numbers. The 35 people who were stripped from their families in Operation Border Resolve, 18 were family members and 17 were others who were encountered during an operation, said acting ICE Director Matthew Albence in a call with reporters Tuesday.

Trump called the results of operation “very successful.”  Albence noted the raids were launched throughout the country but did not give details on the exact locations and times of the raids. Albence added that the group would continue to divide families. “We’re patient and we’ll continue to pursue these cases so they may have escaped detection for a short period of time but we’re going to continue to be out there working these cases,” Albence said.

In response to the ICE raids communities and advocacy groups are working together to protect families from being. Some migrants have used hotlines, refrained from going to work and posted safety protocol tip sheets for ICE encounters.


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