Thirty-One People Linked To Orange County Mexican Mafia

Thirty-One People Linked To Orange County Mexican Mafia

The Justice Department has linked 31 people to the Orange County Mexican Mafia.

According to court documents, 31 people have been given drug, murder and racketeering charges in connection to their involvement in the Orange County Mexican mafia. UPI reports their charges come as part of a 33-count indictment that includes two murders.

According to the news outlet, members of the Mexican Mafia have split up areas amongst their group for sections to control and manage in serveral parts of California. In addition, they have allegedly been managing crimes in certain areas and working with rival gangs in drug dealings. Some of the drugs that are accused of moving include methamphetamine and heroin, some of which they’ve allegedly distributed in and out of prisons and jails.

“The violence, drug-dealing and other criminal acts being committed in our communities by gangsters associated with the Mexican Mafia is being met with the strongest possible response by law enforcement,” said U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison, UPI reports.” The Mexican Mafia allegedly preyed on vulnerable communities through fear, violence, and intimidation,” said Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, UPI reports.

It continued:” This indictment sends a clear message that the Criminal Division, and our federal, state, and local partners, remain committed to protecting all of our communities from violence and exploitation.”

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