This Could Have Ended Up A Groupie Tale….

This was submitted by a Baller Alert reader. It gives some great insight on another way women are snagging ballers that some didn’t know existed. 


 I was casted by a reputable modeling agency that came to my city. I thought this was my chance to get to work with them and immediately inquired about the gig.I was chosen as well as a friend of mine to do this event the following friday. The only details we were given was that it was a private NFL event and the girls would be hosting. The venue wasn’t announced til the day of.


As I’ve been with a few NFL players came weary of the event. My girlfriend an I started to try and guess what kind of event this would be…who would be there…which team…a mix of teams/players….


So we get there and as we had guessed, it was an event for the Cardinals because they were out of town to play our team. We walked into the venue and it was a room full of about 25 beautiful females. The players were late so the girls drank, ate and played games to pass the time. We were not catty at all seeing as we were all getting paid to be there. A lot of complimenting on bags/shoes/dresses and taking pictures.


Then about an hour and a half later (the event was only 3 hours long – they had curfew) the players show up…and it’s only about 10-15 of them…


Like I said, I’ve dealt with players…so i sat in a cut and observed for a few. It was the “models” job to socialize with the players and to make sure they had a good time. They only had an hour and a half left to mix and mingle…so it was on as soon as the guys got in the door. There were two HUGE Cardinals players in the mix and a bunch of folks I did not know. One or two looked too old to play. 


Fast forward, after me having a couple of drinks and forced to mingle…i was told four players asked about me through one of the guys who looked too old to play…and one of the  teams leading players made it clear that I was going back to the hotel to see him tonight and told me he was getting me a room. I had a crush on this guy for the LONGEST. But 1. we’ve met before and he didn’t remember me (he even followed me on twitter) and 2. i’ve never gotten with a player the same night i met him. So I was weary, my phone was dead and i ended up giving my number to the retired looking player FOR the bigger player. 


Long story (long) short… he text me immediately, and when i put my phone on the charger in the car, he asked me was I going to come see him. I said not tonight. He said nothing else. I text him the next day and he replied with “doesn’t matter, you lied and that shit wack.” I never promised him I was going to come, I just told him to text me.


My thing is. This is every groupies dream. Or nightmare. There were nothing but beautiful women in attendance. BUT it was an exclusive party for just the girls and the players (def should have been more there). I just wanted to share this bizarre experience. I never knew this platform existed…

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