Thousands Sign Petition Calling For Adidas To Sever Ties With Kanye West; CEO Says The Company Has Not Discussed Ending Business Relationship With West

On Tuesday, Kanye West made headlines for his outlandish, irresponsible comments on slavery, claiming the hundreds of years of captivity and resistance to be a choice.

Although West took to Twitter to clarify his statement, most were not convinced. As a result, many have banned together to get West all the way out of here. Not only has the rapper been “canceled” on social media, but several have signed a petition to convince Adidas to sever business ties with the Yeezy Brand boss.

“While Kanye can live safely in his multi million-dollar castle, the rest of black America is continually marginalized and subject to unjust laws and treatment. Some even die because this behavior is so ingrained in our society,” the Care2 petition read. “Kanye West has a right to free speech, and he has the right to spout lies and misinformation and misplaced opinions – but we as consumers have the right to fight back against this type of dangerous propaganda.”

“The German apparel company may wish to rethink their lucrative deal with West after his jaw-dropping outburst,” the petition read, as about 7,500 out of 10,000 people joined the fight against West, “Tell the world [Adidas does] not want anything to do with anyone who believes that millions of Africans chose to toil the fields in bondage.”

However, the German firm has already said it has no intentions of parting ways with the controversial rapper.

“We neither comment nor speculate on every single comment that our external creators are making,” the brand’s CEO said in an interview with Bloomberg. “Kanye has been and is a very important part of our strategy and he’s been a fantastic creator, and that’s where I’m going to leave it.”



“While Kanye’s a very important part of the Adidas brand, Adidas is a large global company with a very, very strong presence around the world and will continue to perform well,” he continued. Although the comments were very important to consider, the company had “not had any conversation” with Kanye about it nor have they discussed the issue internally.

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