Three More Victims Identified In Florida Building Collapse

Officials have identified three of the victims who were pulled from the rubble of the Florida condominium collapse, including a father of two and a married couple who had been together for almost 60 years.

According to The New York Post, Antonio and Gladys Lozano, ages 83 and 79, and Manuel “Manny” LaFont, age 54, died in the collapse.

The elderly couple’s grandson, Brian Lozano, said his beloved grandparents were married for 59 years — and always argued over who would die first because neither wanted to live without the other.

“It’s tragic but it’s strangely unsettling that I have peace knowing they would constantly play argue about who would pass first,” Lozano told The Post in a statement.

Authorities identified the remains of the three victims using DNA testing, which helped bring the number of those missing down to 156.

Another victim, 54-year-old Stacie Fang, was identified on Friday. Her 15-year-old son Jonah Handler survived the collapse after rescuers pulled him from the ruins.

A fifth victim whose remains were pulled from the rubble on Saturday has yet to be identified.

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