Police Chief Suspends Three Nashville Cops Without Pay Over Botched Apartment Raid In 2020

Three Nashville police officers have been suspended without pay for their involvement in a botched raid on the wrong apartment last summer.

According to CNN, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake had initially stripped the officers of their policing powers for executing a search warrant on what he described as “stale information.”

The officers broke down an apartment door using a battering ram shortly after 6:00 a.m. on August 18, after they announced themselves. The cops were looking for a teenage suspect they believed was connected to a property crime investigation.

Officials later learned the teen had not lived at that address in months, and thankfully no one was injured.

Chief Drake announced the disciplinary measures in a press release on Friday, including suspensions for the officers—without pay.

One of the officers, who was a lieutenant and 12-year veteran, has been demoted to sergeant and received a ten-day suspension. A 22-year veteran sergeant will be suspended for 30 days without pay and is subject to demotion to a police officer if he happens to violate department policy again over the next five years. A five-year veteran of the force will receive a 20-day suspension, the release stated.

“The discipline given to the three is significant, as were the missteps in the preparation and execution of this search warrant,” Drake said in the press release. “All three admitted to violating our policies and procedures and are being held accountable.”

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  1. This is typical of Police administration’s across America, SELLOUTS TO THE LEFT WING LIBERALS! Law Enforcement’s Brass are so quick to issue discipline or terminations based on human error or misinformation.
    The politicians in this country have taken the stance that Police Officers must be perfect and never make a mistake or you will be penalized. No one was harmed in this incident (except for possibly being embarrassed), the Police Officers were executing a lawful document issued by a Judge and a prosecutor yet it’s only the officers who are being punished.
    So, what are the Officers response to these new left wing policies across America 1) hesitation to get involved in situations that may cause them to be scrutinized and punished. 2) MASS RETIREMENTS in EVERY department across America. 3) Fewer applicants for open law enforcement positions (why would anyone want to be a cop now days). 4) Lowering of hiring standards which in turn will lead to more corruption (as seen in Miami in the 1970’s).
    If America does not wake up and change their ways and get back to supporting our Men and Women in Law Enforcement this country will end up being a 3rd. World country in terms of Law and Order.

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