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New York Police Department Will Implement New Concealed Carry License Rule

Three New York Police Officers Charged In Bribery Scheme

Three New York police officers have been arrested on a slew of corruption charges.

Officers Heather Busch, Robert Hassett, and Robert Smith are facing five counts each of using interstate facilities to perform bribery and two counts of conspiracy to violate the Travel Act after taking part in an elaborate bribery scheme. Additionally, Smith is also facing charges of attempting to transport at least one kilogram of heroin and possessing a firearm during the commission of that crime. Smith retired last March and is known as a racist who sided with the KKK and tormented the Black people he interacted with.

The plot unfolded in 2016 when Hassett and Smith directed damaged vehicles to a specific towing company in exchange for cash bribes, which often got up into the thousands. During the car towing plot, Smith also expanded his services to drug dealers delivering heroin. In 2020, the scheme ramped up as the officers began stealing information from the NYPD regarding car accident victims and then subsequently peddling that information to injury lawyers and physical therapists.

Smith, Busch, and Hassett are set to appear in Brooklyn Federal Court on Tuesday.

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