Three Trans Women Harassed, Attacked And Robbed In Hollywood, Supporters Launch Petition Calling For Justice

Three Trans Women of color were harassed, attacked, and robbed by a group of men in Los Angeles.

Trans Women

The incident, which was filmed, took place in Hollywood. The three trans women involved were Eden The Doll, Jaslene Whiterose, and Joslyn Flawless, who took to social media to open about the brutal experience. The women said the men physically attacked them and stole one of their phones and money from their purses. They were also threatened with a knife while waiting on their rideshare pickup, BOSSIP reports. Reports say the men had been previously harassing them prior to the violent attack.

Eden shared the story on Instagram. “I was robbed, attacked, and jumped in Hollywood tonight,” Eden wrote. “I am alive and OK and will update everyone tomorrow.” The ordeal was recorded by a man who has the account name #SteveoFilmz, Eden explained. “HE MOCKED US, sexualized and instigated THE ENTIRE attack. Him and his friends stole from us. Beat us. Laughed at us. Humiliated us. AND had the nerve to POST IT.”

The woman went on to say that in the midst of them being attacked, police officers drove by and ignored their cries for help. People walking by also joined in laughing at the women’s expense. “Now he hits #jaslenewhiterose and steals her bag,” said Eden. “His friends chase us down in cars. They mock her [Joslyn] as she falls, and he throws and breaks my phone.”

Eden then said that her friend Jaslene was knocked over the head by one of the men. She says the man then laughed and said, “she’s dead.” “She completely passed out on me,” wrote Eden. Jaslene has since expressed that she is okay to her followers on Instagram. She also went more in-depth about the incident while on Instagram live. “Thank you to everyone sending me prayers and kind words,” the model said. “I just don’t want this to get swept under the rug.”

Joslyn also opened up about the attack saying she was shocked that one of the men threatened to use a crowbar on her during the assault, BOSSIP reports. “He said if I was trans, he would kill me; he then forced me to hold his hand while he looks for my friends to kill them for being trans.” A petition has been launched, calling for the Los Angeles Police Department to look into the matter. “The Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division should be ashamed of themselves for driving right through this horrific and terrifying scene,” the petition said, in part. “On behalf of all of the loved ones of Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden, we demand justice. All of the men involved and responsible for these inhumane acts of violence must be arrested, interrogated, and charged for assault, robbery, and attempted murder. Violence against all women should not be tolerated.”


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