Twitter Calls Out T.I. For Playing Character With Vitiligo

Twitter is calling out rapper T.I. for his role in the Netflix film “Cut Throat City,” in which he portrays a character with vitiligo.

The film, which was directed by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA, follows four friends dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. T.I. plays Cousin Bass, a local drug dealer. Those who have seen the movie took to Twitter to go after T.I. for playing a character who has vitiligo, which causes the skin to lose its pigmentation. Users are also going at those in charge of casting T.I. and using makeup to convey vitiligo instead of casting an actor who lives with the condition. One user on Twitter asked whose idea it was to choose T.I. for the role, while another demanded an apology from the rapper all together.

Overall, the film was met with mixed reviews, with some praising the storyline, while others critiqued the acting.

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  1. I’m quite sure he just played a part he was cast to do.. this mess has to stop people get in a uproar over the smallest things 🙄😒

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